‘Calciatori Ignoranti’s outstanding influencer marketing techniques grabs eyeballs; know more!

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The traditional methods of marketing have taken a backseat ever since influencer marketing came into the picture. The birth of modern-day marketing has seen many content creators and influencers gaining tremendous momentum. Besides the fashion and lifestyle industry, influencer marketing has turned out to be a gamechanger in the sports industry as well.

It is a known fact that many sports brands in today’s time reach out to the audience through influencers and content creators. Among many sports brands, ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ has implemented influencer marketing to reach a wider audience. Through this strategy, the brand has successfully managed to promote its products and services by well-known athletes and sports personalities.

‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ is a sportswear brand catering to football fans all over the world. Founded in March 2015, it was officially registered in June 2020 in Italy. With an array of sports accessories including apparels and gadgets on its online shop, the brand has got its online portal that gives the latest news about the sport of football. Additionally, ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ has even deep dived into the concept of digital marketing, celebrity management and content creation.

With a strong fanbase of more than a million on Instagram, the sportswear brand is adored by many athletes and sports personalities. The man behind bringing this company to life is Luca Diddi, a former match analyst and a digital entrepreneur. Currently, he is building a strong network of influencers to promote the brand all over the world. With this influencer management activity, the company aims to spread brand awareness and increase its sales at a drastic pace.

According to Luca Diddi, this strategy will be a win-win situation for his brand as well as the influencers. “It will give dual benefits as my brand will reach a different set of the target audience, and the influencers will get much-needed exposure on social media”, he revealed. As of now, the company has various athletes and sports personalities under its management. Apart from this, ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ is also working towards organising some football events in the coming time. With the pandemic, the events have been postponed. However, the company aims to organize various football events by mid-2022.