Both ChatGPT and Google Bard AI could be integrated into the Samsung Galaxy S24 series

With Bixby, Samsung is also anticipated to revive its AI goals and make the Galaxy S24 the most intelligent AI phone on the market in 2019.

Samsung is clearly a latecomer to AI, but even so, it will rely on two well-known chatbots that will be introduced alongside the Galaxy S24 series of smartphones in 2019.

With the AI technology that powers the Pixel 8 series phones this year, Google has already played its cards, and now the South Korean mobile giant is prepared to give consumers a taste of its albeit in a borrowed way.

The Galaxy S24 models, according to sources, will be Samsung’s “smartest AI phones ever,” which seems like a bold boast given that competitors have already implemented AI into their products.

It’s good to add ChatGPT and Bard to smartphones, but it depends on how Samsung intends to integrate the AI chatbots. If it only wants to add them, the use cases may be the same as those found on other platforms and applications. People’s doubt regarding this supposed AI integration is hardly surprising given Samsung’s track record with Bixby, its first AI product.

Because of the security risk of having their private information leaked online, Samsung had previously prohibited its workers from using ChatGPT for work-related purposes. The same business is now attempting to introduce AI chatbots to its consumer-facing smartphones, which would be an intriguing development to follow if it does make it to the upcoming flagship models.

Without a doubt, mobile chipsets are now as powerful as PCs and are capable of running AI apps. When Qualcomm introduces its next-generation Snapdragon 8 Gen chip in the coming days, we may hear Qualcomm discuss this. In any case, we’re excited to see how AI develops for mobile devices and opens up these functionalities to a larger audience.