Australian Multi-millionaire Peter Triantos Shares his Journey to Success

Success stories are pretty incomplete without hurdles and hardships, and it is not quite possible to succeed without persistence. We face multiple hurdles in the process of taking our first steps, and over time, watch ourselves fly without any fear. Similarly, in the business world, you need to be risk-taking and fearless as every opportunity would not lead you to success. There are significant chances that you might struggle in the first few attempts but, evolving from hardships is what distinguishes a common man from a successful one. 

Peter Triantos was not born successful; he worked hard for the international recognition that he enjoys today. Starting at a young age of 21, Peter took his chance in the business world by buying a run-down chicken grill bar in which he opened five more stores. In 2007, Peter Tri stepped into the food manufacturing industry and invested three million dollars in the infrastructure to shake things up in the condiment sauce space.

Peter, a couple of years ago, took a chance at the traditional format of engaging distributors and, with the confidence he collected at its success, launched a condiment manufacturing company called 8 Food. The core purpose of this manufacturing community is to create quality products while being innovative within their space. Peter has been successful in making 8 Food rank amongst Australia’s top ten condiment manufacturing companies. Today, 8 Food is supplying over 6000 stores nationally with global giant customers such as COSTCO.

8 Food is Peter’s most impressive project that he has been tirelessly working on. He went from zero to an 8 figure company, and according to him, it is just the beginning. He is strictly against comparing himself with others. Peter Tri runs his own race.

He has rightly taken the Australian Food Industry to a whole new level. 

Peter Triantos, besides being a successful businessman, and an inspiring entrepreneur is a popular Instagrammer as well. Peter often posts motivational quotes for developing individuals and continues to build a company that has a high degree of integrity and morals.