Jatin Chonkar says ,“Now Success Hits Me Different when nobody believed in me”

Having your own visions is what keeps you ahead in this competitive world, and Jatin Chonkar illustrate it. Jatin is the most Renowned Serial Entrepreneur who has achieved several milestones by working tirelessly. He owns Ancient Media one of the leading digital marketing Agency and he is investing all his time to take his company to new heights. With Strategies and efforts, Jatin Chonkar is now one of the best Digital Expert & Entrepreneur.

His Journey Of entrepreneurship wasn’t Easy . There Were many Up’s & Downs In The Journey which Jatin Tackled gallantly . Jati knew the road ahead was exhausting and could have given up easily. But it was his willpower and support from the family & few Well Wishers that never let him back down.

While Interviewing Jatin , he narrated a small Incident which Taught him that Always sleep with one eye open. Never take anything for granted. The people You think are Your Well Wishers & Supporter Might just Be the people Pulling Your Legs Back .

“ Never , judge Some People By The Way The behave in front of you , You don’t even Know that what they backbitch about you . about a Year back I came across many such in My life , who were my so called School friends . I always Thought that I have Some friends with Whom I can share my thoughts , plans etc  but I was wrong – People wear a mask of lie so they look attractive , so be careful. I still Remember there Word ‘ Oversmart people ‘ . I left all the school Groups on Instagram & What’sapp as there was a Kind of Dictatorship Going into those group’s by Few Guys there . And I don’t want Anything not even a Single Thing to be in My life to Demotivate me & to pull My legs Back . I still wander why , even after the schooling are atop you need to obey them & do the same thing which you did then . And even after I left the Groups almost Every day there were few talks about me in the groups . Some of my Friends use to send me the screenshots of the ongoing chats about me  , But I neglected all those stuffs & now everyone knows where am I & where they are . I own two companies , one of the renowned Entrepreneur and they are still there where they were  – talking about how to pull Someone Back . But Yaa I Had few Friends – I can Call Them Diamonds of my life who supported me in this Entire journey and obviously my mom & dad . Without Them I wouldn’t have been here . I would Love To Narrate this Entire incident in Detail in my upcoming news interview” – says Jatin Chonkar .

According to Jatin , ideas always prevail, age is just an Excuse and if you have the will, the Globe will bend as you need it to. This is certainly what the upcoming generation of India should follow and show the world how much potential they hold within.