Amir Rashidi says: The cryptocurrency market will rise when the general public is disappointed with the rise


According to Amir Rashidi, all financial markets in the world are controlled by a limited number of people who have almost unlimited capital.

Amir Rashidi says if we check the history. Financial markets always start from long-term downtrends to long-term upswings, which have disappointed the general public for a relatively long period of time, as well as weak companies and projects in the down market. have gone

According to Amir Rashidi, Bitcoin will experience sudden and emotional rises several times before it starts its upward trend, in which many traders start buying emotionally in the hope of starting an upward trend, and after that, Bitcoin actors They will start selling pressure and sell more bitcoins to people at reasonable prices.

  Amir Rashidi says that this work should continue so much that even if Bitcoin experiences short-term and emotional rises, the general public will still be sellers. This is actually the right time for market players to start buying from other traders at the best price After that, start the main upward trend.

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