Ahmed Najm is Impacting the Way We See World Through Photography

Ahmed Najm’s love for photography has never been in question. His love for the moment, and the ability to capture that moment – this is something he’d always pride himself on for a long time.

The only major challenge was how to turn that love into something so meaningful and so profound that it might quite literally change the world.

This became his major drive in his life and fast forward to the current moment and it is safe to say that if this dream has not become a reality yet, it is very well on its way to being one.

The Ahmed Najm Way

Many people aim to change the world. All of us try our best to make use of what we have to bring about a profound change in other people’s lives. And the way we go by this is through a medium.

Photography is Ahmed Najm’s medium. From the way he talks about art to his enthusiasm when it comes to anything photography, it is always clear that this man loves capturing the moment and lives for it.

Now a lot of people have changed the world through what they capture with the lenses of their camera. But such is the beauty of the world of photography that there are more ways than one to do this.

Some do it by capturing the beautiful world, while some do it by providing a platform that helps others capture the beautiful world. The second way is the Ahmed Najm way.

Metrography Agency

Ahmed Najm is the managing director of Metrography Agency, the first and only Iraqi photo agency. Through Metrography, numerous photographers who wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to get their works noticed continue to be discovered.

The Agency specializes in in-depth storytelling from the best regional photographers around. Through this, they’re able to get their works out there and get their voices heard.

According to Ahmed Najm, there is nothing as fulfilling as touching the lives of both the people who get to be inspired by these photographs and those who get to have their works doing amazing things in the world.

Worldpress Photo

Worldless Photo is another outlet through which Ahmed Najm continues to exert his passion for the world of photography. This organization specializes in organizing contests and establishing databases that make it easier for people all over the world to get connected to their regional photographers.

Ahmed Najm works as the managing director of WordPress, and through their worldwide programs such as the African Photojournalism Database, continues to expand his influence to the farthest corners of the world as wide as possible.

Vim Foundation

Ahmed Najm’s works don’t end here, of course. If there’s something he’s got above any other, it’s the vitality. And it is this vitality that sees him as the co-founder of Vim Foundation and Humans of Kurdistan, two organizations with the same uplifting aim.

Vim foundation tackles issues that affect the community as a whole, while Humans of Kurdistan touches lives through powerful images of our regular day to day lives.

It’s hard to do as much as Ahmed does and still keep going. What keeps him motivated, though, will always be his love for people as well as his love for art.