Accomplished Serial Entrepreneur and his Relationship with his Father: Mathieu Tyler Jang’s story of intense hard-work and faith

Mathieu Tyler Jang is of the opinion that he didn’t have a very nice relationship with his father when he was growing up. He had been receiving a lot of doubt and stress from his father when he was still trying to secure a place for himself in the business world of the Internet. While there are people who let the external doubts, misbelief and uncertainty get to them, Mathieu had a different approach altogether.

He channeled the doubt and criticism that he received from his father and used it as a fuel for his passion. For a long time, that uncertainty from his father was a big source of motivation for him and he totally credits his initial tireless efforts to his father.

Mathieu says that when his father finally became proud of him, he realized he needed a new source of motivation! Now it was just Mathieu and however cliché it may sound, he became his only competitor.

The 29-year-old serial entrepreneur is widely recognized as an industry leader in digital sales and marketing. Since getting started in the social media-based sector in his early twenties, Jang has generated over $100-million in sales for his clients while helping hundreds of others to start profitable online businesses of their own through his coaching programs.

It all started on a spare computer in his father’s kitchen though, where Jang sharpened his skills in paid ads, copywriting, setting up digital sales funnels and high-ticket sales closing. It took nearly two years of trial and error before he started seeing consistent results. And for those two years Jang said he had to deal with his father’s criticism.

“He doesn’t come from a digital sales background,” Jang says of his father. “He comes from traditional business, brick and mortar. Big office space. High overhead. All that. He just couldn’t see how a kid with no experience could earn a full-time income with just a laptop and wifi connection.”

It wasn’t until the summer of 2017, when Jang and his business partners held an event in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada, when Jang’s father finally saw what his son had accomplished.

“That weekend was dope in so many ways. We were able to highlight and put a spotlight on all of our students who had completely changed their lives over the previous year by implementing our strategies. We rented out a nightclub after and literally the entire place was filled with people from our programs. It was crazy,” Jang says.

“But the coolest part was my dad getting to see the potential of using these new tools and strategies to leverage the internet to scale his business.”

Jang now consults his father’s business in the areas of digital sales and marketing, one of his many clients who have scaled their business exponentially since working with him. Jang credits his father’s doubt for fueling his motivation as an egoistic young man, but now knows it’s their bond that motivates him now.