Abhishek Agrawal delving deep in social media made him a competent Influencer

Abhishek Agrawal a competent Influencer on social media with growing number of fan following.

Every age has its own way of living and is considered as the best in human civilization. After all, you see the development and advancement reaching at its zenith. The present time, we see social media stealing the show, making everyone busy with poking, liking and commenting on various posts and tweets. There are people who rule the world of social media and these are called influencers. Their role is to make others prosper on the web particularly the social media sites. One such name is the Mumbai based young man called Abhishek Agrawal. He remained active in the fashion world that connected him to social media.

Being born and brought up in Mumbai, Abhishek Agrawal has come a long way establishing himself as a fashion blogger, model and then a social media influencer. He has come a long way, right from a man with small pockets to the one getting his own Range Rover Velar speaks about his success. All thanks to the exposure in the Maximum City, which has made Abhishek Agrawal realize that he can move ahead big in his career of his choice and that too leaps and bounds. His hard work paid off for his success. He completed his graduation in Management from the prestigious institute called Narsee Monjee Institute of Management. He then headed to the UK to complete his master’s program in Management from the prestigious college called University of Westminster.

He continued pursuing his career in modelling while being a fashion model he had a good knowledge about the trends and other things. This made him emerge as an active soul on the social media world. He is a known young face from Mumbai who has developed a strong profile on social media particularly sites like Instagram and others. This has helped him emerge as a competent social media influencer who now has been allowing many celebrities and brands to take a resort on him to leverage the power of social media to prosper them. So, with sheer hard work and perseverance, he was able to achieve what he always wanted that has led him the proud owner of a luxury car from brands like Range Rover.

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