Zero The Kidd a rising star in the rap industry


Zero the Kidd is a revolutionary rapper in Boynton beach Florida who has busted on the scene and made some noise. By getting over 10 million plays in 1 year of making music, Zero The Kidd has quickly risen through the ranks of the music industry surpassing all the local and most of the regional talent.

Zero The Kidd has made some pretty big songs some getting over a whopping million streams like his most notable song “Beef” which has claimed 4 million streams or his newly released track wave which has gathered over 25k plays in one month on just Spotify Alone.

Coming out of Boynton Beach Florida Zero The Kidd is soon you be one of the top dogs in the industry some would say he’s a big fish in a little pond already.

Though he has the talent and the streams to back it up we are yet to see him perform anywhere leaving fans and industry officials wondering is he ready for his stardom, It definitely can be hard being the biggest name to come of Boynton since Lamar Jackson an NFL quarterback who went to the same high school as Zero The Kidd all the pressure and the sleepless nights can cause some artist to break.

But a year into his newly found fame and Zero The Kidd looks to be in good spirits posting engaging and exciting new projects on his Instagram feed making everyone wonder what could this multi-talented artist be working on.

Being a star in this industry takes a lot of work not just making good and relatable music but bringing something different to the table and zero the Kidd does just that with his southern style but it has a new school flow to it. A melodic trap is a new wave in the rap world and zero the Kidd is taking it and running with it by changing his flows and adding some effects that will be leaving you wanting to replay his songs all day he has originality which is such a great thing to have in this industry.

While it is evident that zero the Kidd will one day be a star hope to see zero dominate the billboards one day and we believe he will do just that and so much more.

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