YungK Releases “My Time” As Summer Closes


We’ve seen and heard from a lot of artists this year, including newcomer YungK. “My Time” is a blend of trap bass and melody delivered with confidence. As he raps and lets you know what time it is (no pun intended), you hear it all. His voice lets you know that money isn’t new to him. It’s been around.

The women, the cars, the lifestyle is all apart of being rapper but looking at YungK’s social media, he’s been there & done that. Also, he’s an entrepreneur first, which might make it a bit easier for an artist to rap the things he’s rapping about. He’s brutally honest and at 18, you can imagine there will be plenty more where this record came from. Say what you want, but the kid can spit and there aren’t a lot of artists his age that can rap about the things he can rap about. This will be a reason why his fan base will continue to grow.

This song definitely shows promise from the young rapper. He will be successful for a certain reason other than his music and business. At 18, he is in a position to garner fans because he speaks to a certain age group and the power of the internet, his music, and brand content will be what cohesively takes YungK to the top.

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