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Dawna: We sat down with hip hop artist YOUNG S.H.O, and it dawned on us who are you signed to? Is the question I asked Young S.H.O!!!

S.H.O: nobody, I am just working hard trying everything that I can to make my way, and unify people, and set my self up for greatness.

Dawna: So I did research on you and I googled your name, you have multiple articles on you, your music is actually good, and we see you have a whole team that works for you in Australia and the United Kingdom.

S.H.O: but that still ain’t enough I assume lol I sit and wonder everyday what am I not doing. I invest in my self, music is good, and I just don’t know. Maybe just gotta get bigger youtube and Apple Music numbers. No matter what I won’t quit my children are watching me.

Dawna: you have a song with Sauce Walka, Peewee Longway, and Diamond From Crime Mob. You did something with Authentic Empire, and the list goes on major articles I mean I kinda wanna know what else is it you need to do to get that deal you desire. It has been said you wanted to sign to TSF!!!

S.H.O: yeah Sauce Walka a great guy man independent, good Bussiness man, and knows how to get a bag. I also tried Republic closed door, the list goes on.

Dawna: But why? I am going to my self try and reach out to all the people I know because you deserve it. So tell me what drives you?

S.H.O: My passion for music, and my kids. I gotta show then I am not a quitter, I fought Stomach cancer trying to get a deal with TSF but I got a feature. Lol na, I know I just need to keep working and praying and keep pushing.

Dawna: Well Young S.H.O it was a pleasure, and I will be looking at all your music you have a fan in me!!!

S.H.O: Thank you for your time!!!

By Katie Murphy

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