WIF AX is committed to sustainability and will be actively offsetting its impact on the environment through the regular purchases of carbon offsets.

WIF AX (Women’s Innovation Fund and Accelerator) is the first women-led Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund to require its companies to create and uphold a sustainability plan. The plan includes a pledge to operate carbon neutrally in creating their products, the operations of their company, and to hold their employees and partners to a similar standard.

WIF AX trains all of its accelerator and portfolio companies on how to be sustainable. They have to sign a sustainability pledge which lays out their sustainable activities to help reduce their company’s carbon footprint. We then train them to put together the plan in which the fund tracks. The fund uses sustainable methods internally by being remote, creating a virtual accelerator, purchasing offsets, and adhering to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.” said Barbara Bickham, Managing Director of WIF AX, LLC.

A major part of the sustainability plan involves a partnership with The Aclyd Group, pronounced (Ac-lĭd), which facilitates the purchasing and indexing of carbon offsets. WIF AX uses the services of The Aclyd Group to purchase carbon offsets and maintain carbon neutrality.

The Aclyd Group is an environmental project developer and rewards platform. Their primary goal is to have all companies that profit from the planet, contribute to the planet. Some things that The Aclyd Group focuses on for a positive environmental impact include: Deploying carbon-capturing technology, developing biofuel, expanding recycling programs, and reforestation.

WIF AX is a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund currently raising $100 million that is building gender-balanced, sustainable, emerging tech companies. They speed up the growth process using a mix of acceleration, real estate, and business finance. WIF AX portfolio companies contain a C-suite made up of at least 50% women and operation plans which contain sustainability considerations. For more information, visit https://wifaxvc.com/