Well- known Influencer and Campaigner Sandy Idigbe Meets UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to discuss social issues in Society and Woman in Politics

After meeting Sandy Idigbe, well known campaigner and influencer, Boris Johnson will vow to “support women to reach their full potential” in politics and the workplace if the Conservatives win the general election.

SandyIdigbe is now becoming increasingly recognised as a successful change-maker in the societal landscape. She frequently lends her voice to support many movements which affect young people, including Women In Politics, Women On The Board and runs a wide range of business workshops in association with universities across the UK.

Sandy has frequently campaigned on topics including:

  • Women in Business
  • Women in the Workplace & Gender equality 
  • Women in Politics
  • Youth Unemployment 
  • Knife Crime 

Boris Johnson will also announce the “biggest drive” to recruit female Tory activists, members and candidates.

On the 100th anniversary of the election of the first woman to sit in the Commons, the PM will pledge to make 50% of future Tory candidates women. In this election 30% of Tory candidates and 53% of Labour candidates are women.

Mr Johnson’s announcement comes as a statue of Nancy Astor – the first woman MP to take a seat in Parliament, 100 years ago – is due to be unveiled in Plymouth.

Women make up about a third of candidates in next month’s election. According to BBC analysis of Press Association figures earlier this month, 1,124 of 3,322 registered candidates are women.

The Tories say they have 193 female Conservative parliamentary candidates, while Labour has 335.

Mr Johnson said: “I have often said that talent and brilliance is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. I will make sure that women are supported to take up the opportunities that politics present.”