Welcome the new fashion label purely made in India, “WeIN” offering affordable clothing line

The 100% made in India firm has the potential to create a rage just like Shein did.

No matter the changing times and the dynamics of varied industries all over the world owing to especially the trying times the world faces currently caused by a pandemic; certain industries always only see an upsurge in their growth and their popularity. One such sector that has seen a considerable growth even amidst a global health emergency is the fashion and apparel industry and particularly the e-commerce fashion industry. More and more companies are setting foot into the lucrative sector because of the growing demands of customers for comfortable, trendy and yet affordable clothing line. Thankfully, more Indian companies are also debuting in this sector as an e-commerce apparel site and one such company that is soon going to get launched is “WeIN”, a 100% made in India platform for clothing. It is touted as India’s very own alternate to SHEIN. 

Since many years women were dependent on this Chinese company that created a rage in the fashion markets all over the world, particularly India, because of it being promoted as a smart clothing line offered at affordable rates. However, recently the government of India banned 59 apps of the Chinese as a strong measure to counter the threats posed by these applications. This paved the way for many Indian companies to come forward with their own visions, ideas and concepts to promote the initiatives of “Made in India” and “Vocal for Local”.

Taking full advantage of such amazing initiatives where new and fresh ideas get a platform of their own and get the opportunity to create their own brand, sell the products and help in growing the business opportunities of India, WeIN came into existence. It is an Indian clothing line which redefines fashion and promotes made in India apparel.

It is affordable fashion at the doorstep and soon it would be launched in India most probably in the mid of August. WeIn has been created to make India independent on affordable fashion for each and every one. They will also offer a plus-size section which they call “PLUS FOR US, Embrace your curves“. And, just like SHEIN offered loyalty points to its customers, WeIN too would provide bonus points to its loyal customers. Although, it would be offering apparel for both men and women, it would be focusing more on the ladies between 16 to 24 years. 

This outstanding e-commerce apparel platform would benefit India exponentially in terms of employment and fashion. Keep checking their Instagram handle for more updates – https://www.instagram.com/Weinofficial/.