Vahid Motaghi talks about his trading habit

(Have a home money printing press)

Unfortunately, most traders are more lazy and greedy to take their trading habits seriously.  Just as many people are looking for big profits without the hassle of winning or winning a lottery ticket, so they are expecting huge profits in trading.  So, they would only resort to this as a last resort.

(Characteristics of successful traders in the stock market)

First feature: having complete discipline

Being disciplined in trading does not mean that you spend 100% of your time at the computer every day, but it is equivalent to observing all the principles and rules of trading.

Having order in trading

Second characteristic: thirst and constant desire to learn ⁣

Markets are constantly changing

New trends, different strategies and new ideas are always formed in this industry.  You need to make sure you have the flexibility and the right preparation for these changes.

The Internet has made it very easy to access these trends and changes

Third feature: accepting losses and learning from them ⁣

All traders lose, and you have to accept the loss as a fact.  Some people are not able to digest financial losses at all due to the mentality they already have. When we say “everyone loses” we also mean successful trades.  ⁣

But the difference between successful traders and people leaving the market ⁣

It is that the successful have learned from the harms and have accepted the harms as a part of their activity.

Fourth feature: no follow-up

You should not follow what someone else has done.  When you have time to understand the market, you need to look at your personal goals in trading and get out of your safe zone with the willingness to take risks.

Learn from others but do not be a mere copyist

If you do not pursue your personal style in trading, you are less likely to be successful and happy in the long run

You need to be able to learn to think for yourself.

Fifth feature: preventive hesitation and emotion management

As a trader, you need to understand that your emotions are your biggest enemy.  Excessive and emotional reactions to events can be very destructive

Emotion management in transactions

Feature 6: Expand learning ⁣

Do not learn just one aspect, you can look for Elliott waves, harmonic patterns, and many other techniques that you are not good at.

Expand learning ⁣ analysis

Seventh characteristic: patience and humility ⁣

A professional trader limits his losses very quickly but is in no hurry to save. ⁣ Wealth is not gained in a few weeks or months, it must be accumulated slowly by implementing the correct trading strategy.⁣

Therefore, the trader has a patient profession and in addition to continuing to work, he does not make hasty sales.