Troy Bronson Offers a Kaleidoscope of Human Life’s Problems & Success  

Troy Bronson, a multi-faceted personality who has carved out his place as DJ and producer, artist, writer and fashion photographer, has graphically presented tides of his life that brought him to the shore of music and the pictorial world in his new book Station 2020: Journey Unfathomable

Making an honest attempt to fathom the depths of society as a whole, Bronson gave a vivid replica of what his previous life was as an abandoned child of less than 1 year old raised by his maternal grandmother in the notorious crime-prone Mexican State of Sinaloa.

Today, an icon of the youth, Troy Bronson feels while looking back at the bygone childhood and adult days, that it was his zest for life that made him what he is today. Of course, his maternal grandmother, a pious lady who always looked forward despite problems and poverty, played a major role in his upbringing.   

Troy Bronson’s achievement and that too at an early age is no small life’s gain. From his humble beginning, he made it very big to work with the Oscar-nominated directors and touring 34 nations of the world as a photographer and location scout. 

Naturally, growing up in the violence-prone Mexican State of Sinaloa became just like a dark and distant chapter of the past when he came to the USA attending UC Berkeley and rubbing shoulders with the Oscar-nominated personalities. 

Troy Bronson worked with the French Director of the animated film Madagascar, Bastien Dubois, making his photo debut as a location scout for Madagascar. He achieved this breakthrough after moving to Los Angeles.

All these exposures helped him to enter into the fields of global drama, music, documentary photography, fashion photography, location scouting for film shooting and writing. Side by side, he also contributed in his way towards the voluntary works at home in California and abroad. 

A person of mixed Indigenous American, European, and Jewish ancestry, Troy Bronson was greatly influenced by his maternal grandmother and her integrity of character. He inherited it! 

Earning very good credits at Santa Monica College of California as a student, Troy Bronson joined the University of California, Berkeley, where he currently majors in Media Studies. 

Troy Bronson currently aims to become a successful storyteller and feels his degree will greatly help him in this regard. 

Troy Bronson’s love for techno developed during his frequent and extensive trips to Europe. That’s what inspired him to become a DJ, and producer himself. He is very selective for his tracks’ names. He always names them nearer to the true sense of the track. His interaction with DJs and other people in Europe influenced him to be intensely creative. And that is where his success lies!

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