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Men’s fashion has changed drastically in the last two decades. And it’s not just the casual wear; the formal attire and the way men dress have changed unbelievably. It has changed so much that the formal attire of the 1990s may look funny to today’s millennials. There are various casual trousers for men on the market, but you must get the one that suits you.

You can buy any trousers, and try all the styles. But, the most crucial thing is choosing the suitable fabric material. Suppose you are looking for formal pants for men; some fabrics are ideal for the occasion, and some are not. And in the case of trouser pants for men, you need to consider choosing the below-given fabrics:

Best fabrics for trousers:

There are a lot of fabrics used in creating casual and formal clothes. And each material has its uniqueness and qualities. Let’s see the list of the most popular fabrics used to manufacture men’s wear.

Cotton twill

Twill is a trendy fabric style in men’s fashion. The name is based on the type of weave used to make this fabric—twill weave. This weave creates diagonal patterns in the cloth. These lines are elegant but subtle. The weave style can be projected further with the use of different colours.


This is one of the standard fabrics used in manufacturing men’s formal trousers slim fit category. Almost everyone owns denim trousers, and they (trousers) look the best whether you are wearing them for a casual or formal function.


It is a beautiful and sustainable fabric material. Lenin is made of flax plants, which are strong, long-lasting, and breathable wear.

These qualities make them the best trousers for the summer days. If your denim jeans make you feel too hot, choose the Lenin trousers.

Linen/cotton blend

This is the best combination of breathable, wrinkle-free, soft fabric. The blended fabrics are always attractive and elegant and sometimes possess both qualities of the blended fabrics.

Cotton gabardine

The cotton trousers for men are always a good option, and the cotton gabardine is another twill weave fabric with several qualities you’ll love. The weave style developed by Thomas Burberry has a smooth face on one side and traditional diagonal ribs on the other side.

Recycled wool

As mentioned earlier, the best trousers for men are made from wool. And what’s equally better as the wool is the recycled wool. It is a hard-wearing, long-lasting/durable fabric material. You can use this fabric for work pants, dress pants or cold-weather trousers. During the winter season, this fabric will keep you warm and cosy. Above all, these trousers are eco-friendly.


You might not have heard about this fabric, but this one is very similar to Lenin. Not just the looks, it also feels like Lenin. The HEMP fibres are usually extracted from the woody stems of the plant called Hemp. It is woven together to make the fabric durable. When you wear trousers made of HEMP, you will feel comfort and smoothness, just like Lenin.

Some of the popular fabrics for casual trousers for men are:

  • Cotton satin
  • Stretch wool blend
  • Cotton corduroy

These are the fabrics used in manufacturing the best casual and smart trousers for men. If you plan to buy smart, casual trousers, ensure that you purchase the trousers/pants made of the fabrics mentioned above.

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