Tom Moyal’s fascinating journey: from ground zero to becoming a leading entrepreneur

The American Dream has a certain allure, and many people want to make a living on US soil. There are infinite opportunities in the country, and many brands are centered there. Entrepreneur Tom Moyal moved from France to Canada and hopes that his business in the United States will take off in the coming years.

Moyal, also known as ‘MisterMoyal’ online, was born in France but never felt completely at home in the country. “I knew there were better places in the world to get my foot in the door and develop my skills,” he said. “I wanted to move to North America.” In 2015, he migrated to Montreal, Canada, to try something new. He went to college in the country until 2017, when he earned a graduate degree in Web Design from a very reputable university. “My Web Design degree helps me with my work every single day. It gives me a competitive edge above other marketers and makes it easier for me to find new clients.” In the future, he hopes to move to the United States so his businesses can thrive. “I’ve always been drawn to the States. I can’t wait until I can run my companies from there and take in all of the culture.”

Tom Moyal is the co-founder of Digital Event, which he formed with his partner John-Kevin Lawson. They’re a web-oriented communications agency that offers a wide range of services, including web design, marketing, and logo creation. “I offer my customers new and unique marketing ideas, utilizing the latest technology to make their businesses a success.” One of his strategies is to have influencers create face filters for Instagram, which he accomplishes with his business FameFilters. He’s worked with influencers like Tana Mongeau, Ana Montana, Jessica Rich, Alexa Dellanos, and many more. Currently, his filters have over 80,000,000 impressions on Instagram. “This is a way for influencers and celebrities to build better engagement with their followers in a unique way. It’s a fun way to put your name out there.”

While moving to the United States is his dream, he’s currently living his best life running his two companies. He can’t wait to continue to advance in the field and build new ways for influencers to develop relationships with their audiences.