Today’s Doodle Represents Jordan Independence Day 2020


The present Doodle observes Jordan’s Independence Day and 74 years of opportunity. On this date in 1946, the nation presently known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan turned into a sovereign country. ​

The Middle Eastern nation is home to one of the new seven marvels of the world, the relinquished lost city of old Petra. Tucked profound inside a twisting system of desertified sandstone ravines, what is presently the Petra Archeological Park was at one time the clamoring exchange focus and capital city of the ancient Nabataean realm, which goes back to 400 BCE. Petra was announced a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1985, and its landmarks fill in as a period container for one of the world’s most established urban communities.

Represented in the Doodle work of art, the banner of Jordan includes the customary dish Arab shades of ruby, dark, green, and white with a seven-pointed star that represents the solidarity and quality of the Jordanian individuals.

Happy Eid al-Istiklaal!

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