Tips for Young Creatives from the Influencer Family @WithRoxy by Monica Landén and Gabriel Padilla

Meet the Influencer Family behind @WithRoxy

Becoming an influencer these days is no easy job. It requires plenty of hard work, commitment, and of course, quality content.

The couple Gabriel M Padilla and Monica Landén were able to stand out in the social media world of Instagram with almost half a million followers across their social media handles @GabrielMPadilla and @With Roxy – and the best part is, they are sharing their tips to all young aspiring creatives out there!

Gabriel M Padilla, a Cuban American from Southern Oregon started out his journey when he moved to Los Angeles at 18 years old to pursue his modeling career. Fortunately for Gabriel, he noticed the boom of social media influencers at the perfect time and focused his time and energy on that. He essentially knew that social media was going to take over the modeling industry. Another inspiring fact about Gabriel is his entrepreneurial spirit. Gabriel successfully co-founded the company called Model Citizen in LA, which works as a subscription box service designed to put life-saving PPE in the hands of as many people as possible, while offering a 1-for-1 donation model wherein the company donates a mask to frontline workers and communities in need for every single mask included in the boxes the company sells.

Gabriel met his Finnish girlfriend, Monica Landén in LA four years ago. The couple shared a common interest in traveling the world. Monica was born and raised in Finland, and from the young age of 13 years old, she had already discovered her passion for travel and started traveling the world on her own. She explored many countries all over Europe, and even spent plenty of her time in different countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and Northern America.

Once the gorgeous couple were able to settle down in their own apartment in LA, they got a third member to join their family – Roxy, a stunning Husky-German Shepherd mix who is the definition of a baby to a millennial family! Gabriel and Monica didn’t let having a dog stop them from pursuing their dream to travel the world, instead, Roxy became an integral part of their adventures together.

Getting Roxy inspired Monica to create the Instagram account @WithRoxy, by using her photography skills to capture adorable and creative content for the page. @WithRoxy is closing in on 200,000 fans who get excited to see what is next for the beautiful family!

Tips for Young Aspiring Creatives

According to Gabriel, it’s important for young entrepreneurs to believe in what they are doing and not listen to what others have to say in the beginning. Many people out there can be quick to judge but be reminded that everyone has a different journey, it may take you some more time compared to others. Gabriel encourages you to follow through with your ideas, even if they don’t all work out – because all it takes is for at least one idea to work and you’ll eventually make it through. Gabriel shares, “I never imagined my life turning to modeling or social media, but I always say yes when opportunities come my way, and that’s always worked out for me – even when I haven’t been prepared AT ALL!”.

Monica’s advice is to start small and practice photography on a daily basis. Learning for other’s success can also go a long way, such as through YouTube tutorials. However, the most important advice of all is to stick with your own personal style and aesthetic, because that is effectively what will help you stand out in the world of social media!

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