Checkout Sceltousa an upcoming brand aiming high to become one of the biggest brands in the world. Sceltousa is a fully established clothing company ran by owner Casley Goodwill, clothing established to make you feel warm and comfortable as soon as you shop! 

  At the start of 2019 Scelto began putting things in motion, getting designs, ideas, and campaigns started, basically aiming to get the brand off the ground running at a very fast pace. Results are starting to show, having a numerous amount of models representing Scelto the brands picture is in full effect. 

   The rates on Scelto clothing are at a beginners rate in sales at the moment, but as time goes by and more progress starts to show, the numbers will rise at a very affective rate. The “Muhammed Ali crew neck” sceltou’s recent drop this collection has most definitely been the new favorite. Sceltou plans to sell a numerous amount to make this drop more successful as the previous, keep an eye out for Sceltousa a brand thats on its way! 

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