The Importance of Fortel


Do you often have a look at the recent state of things and become extremely disappointed with everything that surrounds you? Do you see the corruption and the lack of quality surrounding you, piling up over our heads in this world, due to people yearning to give less and make more? 

Do you often see businesses failing and squirming to reach the top, trying to do absolutely anything to get there, even by selling things that are harmful to someone and of quite low of quality or construction? Do you wonder what these people get outputting the lives of the rest of the public at risk? 

Do you see buildings crashing and the laborers not doing their most? Do you hear the cries of the thousands of people that are affected if something trivial is not built properly and leads to the death or destruction of much? 

Do you wish to trust in a service that will provide you with nothing but the most honest work? Do you hope to finally find someone who will deliver on quality as well as a maximum effort for everyone? Do you wish to finally come across someone who does not lie and bury the safety of others under a pretense? 

If the answer to any of the following is yes, then you are truly in tune with the world around you and want to see a positive change, hoping to believe in the good in the world. And if you feel all this, then you must also like the service that Fortel provides. 

What is Fortel?

Fortel is a company that was founded by Surinder Nijjer in 1998. It proudly provides a service to everyone who wishes to have excellent work and be distinguished by their superior structure and timely done work. 

Fortel is, at its very roots, an organization that provides laborers to construction projects throughout the United Kingdom. It is distinguished by the excellent skill that it provides and the service that is ultimately done with an extremely high level of professionalism.  

Role of Fortel in Construction Industry

Fortel is the leading provider of laborers in the construction sector of the United Kingdom. The services offered by our company center around our laborers carrying out manual labor for your project in order to make it a huge success! Our laborers are trained to carry out construction jobs of varying complexities and construct every structure just as you wish it to be. 

Services Offered by Fortel 

We offer a wide range of services pertaining to construction through the manual skill of our employed labors. They build the very foundation from the first brick and collaborate closely with the engineers and other workers to make the project worth investing in. We also contact with dealers who sell the construction material and can supply it as per the demand of your project. 

Catering to All Your Needs

Hiring professionals can be a tricky thing to do. You have to weight down numerous pros and cons before deciding who you really want for your business. You, for sure, no matter what the circumstances are of your construction company or the project that you are handling, want someone who is skillful enough to deal with any technicality that may arise and is adept in handling the project in the best way possible, ensuring that everything about the project is done perfectly. 

You also look for professionalism, apart from skill. The ability to work efficiently with the other people employed on a construction project, for instance, the engineers, is vital, as it shows that the laborers that you have employed, value the efficiency of the project and want to make it their own by giving it their all and working in the most amiable and intelligent way possible. Working well with engineers, as in the proposed example, is just one of the ways in which the success of the project can be determined. 

Apart from this, you may also be looking for efficient workers; those who will complete a project and do their work on time as divided. Fortel is a company that strives to provide you with laborers that will ease your burden and meet the requirements and deadlines of your construction project as per your wishes. Not only that, but they will ensure that the factor of time is met with effective and smart work so as not to endanger the project and make it one of extreme quality. 

Fortel’s Promise

Fortel manages its laborers by providing them with high-end training and experience before referring them to you. It is ensured that they uphold the values of Fortel and do not disappoint you in any regard.

They are trained to such a high level of degree that they are extremely skillful in tackling any issue or any situation as it may arise, having been honed as to how to deal with such conditions. They will also not complain about any extreme conditions that may arise as long as it is reasonable. 

The laborers reflect the best of Fortel itself and will not disappoint. In fact, Fortel has quickly risen to be one of the best suppliers in the country, making its mark on the world. Its progress has not stopped; it is quickly rising, minute by minute, making you completely benefit from our work and efficient service. 

The Values of Fortel

This undeterred progress only proves one thing, and that is the fact that Fortel has strong values and provides its services based on them, given to the company by its owner, Surinder Nijjer. But what are these values that lift them up to the very top? 

The values of Fortel are: 

  • Quality
  • Sustainability 
  • Fairness
  • Teamwork
  • Pride
  • EDI

As you may notice, these qualities are just what any company needs to succeed in the global market. However, it is not easy for everyone to do so.

Why is that?

It’s because companies like Fortel work day and night with extreme intelligence and skill to make the most of any situation. They are prepared for the future and make sure they do not hinder these values for even a second. 

Due to this, the reason behind Fortel’s success is its own determination. It is a company that has worked day and night to provide you with nothing short of the best. Not only is it willing to make your construction project the talk of the town, but also to help you well known in the United Kingdom for the reliability and quality of your project. We work well with everyone and become a team to be reckoned with. 


If you want a service that does not fail you under any circumstances, then this is the one. We deliver with nothing but the cream of the profession. Contact us right away so that we can turn your aspirations into reality! 

For more information or inquiry, visit or send a direct mail to [email protected].

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