Tata Group announces expansion plans for Gujarat at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit, including a semiconductor factory in Dholera

On Wednesday, N Chandrasekaran, the chairman of Tata Sons, announced that the Tata Group will construct a semiconductor factory in Dholera, Gujarat. N Chandrasekaran discussed the company’s growth and investment ambitions in the state during his speech at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2024. He also mentioned that the conglomerate is set to begin construction on a 20 GW gigafactory in Sanand in two months to produce lithium ion batteries. According to him, the group has also committed and is almost finished, announcing the opening of a “huge semiconductor fab” in Dholera. According to N Chandrasekaran, “we are about to complete negotiations for the semiconductor fab, and start in 2024.”

We have recently committed to increasing our footprint in the state of Gujarat. The technology for all of our electric cars is now being developed in Sanand,” he remarked, adding that the move was made to accommodate the city’s expanding EV market. Agratas, a fully owned subsidiary of Tata Sons, has been assigned the Sanand production factory.

In addition, the firm is currently constructing the C295 defense aircraft in Vadodara, with plans to commence manufacturing it in Dholera later on. He went into further detail about the group’s plans to expand in Gujarat in the areas of advanced manufacturing skill development, EV vehicle production, battery production, C295 defense aircraft, and semiconductor fab. “We will play a key role in Gujarat’s development journey and it is one of the most important destinations for Tata Group,” he stated.

N Chandrasekaran also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “visionary leadership,” which has continuously allowed Gujarat to make “steady and spectacular progress” over an extended period of time. He emphasized that significant social progress has also followed economic development, and Gujarat has clearly established itself as the entry point to the future. He emphasized that Jamshedji Tata, the founder of the Tata Group, was born in Navsari, Gujarat. Over 50,000 people are employed by the 21 Tata Group firms that are currently present in Gujarat, including Tata Power, Tata Motors, Tata Consultancy, the defense company, Advance Systems, hotel, Tata Steel, all of the retail enterprises, Air India, and many more. “Gujarat is a very special place for the Tata group,” he stated.