According to SpiceJet’s chief executive, the airline will begin operating in Lakshadweep

Low-cost airline SpiceJet said on Wednesday that it will run two flights under the Udey Desh ka Aam Nagarik (UDAN) regional connectivity project to Lakshadweep.

“We will shortly be launching flights to the island and we have exclusive rights to operate flights to Lakshadweep under the RCS,” the airline’s chairman and managing director (CMD), Ajay Singh, stated during the virtually arranged annual general meeting on Wednesday.

The sole airline that flies to the island now operating on the Kochi-Agatti-Kochi sector is Alliance Air, a minor airline.

“The airline is working on plans to start flights to Lakshadweep, and further information about the flights will be released soon.

This takes place against the backdrop of a diplomatic dispute that began last week when government officials and the deputy minister of the Maldives made offensive remarks about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep. On January 2, Modi made a trip to the Union Territory, and he posted images of the trip on social media.

In addition, the Agatti airport on Lakshadweep is being expanded by the government to handle larger aircraft in an effort to boost tourism. Additionally, it intends to develop a greenfield airport on Minicoy Island.

People began posting their opinions on X and calling for Indian tourists to avoid the Maldives. The Maldives government then suspended three of its officials in response to the uproar.

Singh added that Ayodhya will be served by the airline’s first flight. He declared, “We’re going to start flying soon, connecting Ayodhya with several cities across the nation.”

In December, SpiceJet’s Board of Directors authorized new plans for fundraising. Speaking about the infusion of funds, Singh stated that the airline and its network will expand with the majority of the Rs. 2250 crore in funds.

Due to a severe availability shortage, the airline has been struggling over the previous few months, resulting in poor one-time performance and nearly 45% of flights being delayed daily.

SpiceJet will become more robust and durable as a result of the fund infusion. It will help get grounded aircraft back into the air and open up new markets for the airline,” he stated.