Talented Music Artist Jo Rhomeo Creating Insane Music In London

“How is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations?” – Jane Swan

For most of us, living without all those wonderful songs and compositions is simply unimaginable. In fact, to almost all of us, music is a central element of life. Just like a good soundtrack accompanies a wonderful movie, music accompanies you throughout your entire life. Leonilson De Jesus Antonio, professionally known as “Jo Rhomeo” is a UK singer born in Angola and raised in London.

He is best known for his performances in his latest songs “Never Let Go”, “Dance With Me” and “Time” (2020) and numerous other productions including “23 Roses” (2020) which included the mega hit “3Am”,“Young & Wild” (2019) and “The game” (2017). Highly regarded by publications such as BBC Radio solent , BBC Radio Introduce(The South) BBC Radio London And BBC Sussex, Jo is known for his excellent musical creations.

His music creations are from a number of styles such as R&B, Soul and Pop and he combines a variety of compositional elements to form his unique sound. He burst onto the streaming scene in 2017 and in only 4-5 years he has gained immense popularity among the listeners. His latest and most popular track till date is ‘Dance with me’ that will leave you humming to the tune and hitting the repeat button.

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