Asides from making profit, any business owner will be proud to have a brand that positively impacts the lives of others and solve societal problems—the world values brands and business ideas that meet their needs and wants. With the coronavirus adding to the list of global diseases, there is no better time for the world to value health and safety than now.

According to this knowledge, Debashish Talukdar established Valetudo Systems to join in the fight against global diseases. ValetudoSystems  is a startup company by Debashish and his team, having acquired the essential skills and knowledge from around the world. The cooperative company collaborates with the science community to invent devices that eradicate bacteria and viruses from surfaces.

Valetudo System’s first product, Helios, comes in the shape of an oven, and it uses UVC and magnetron to sanitize food. It also comes with an in-built camera. Once the food is prepared, the chef puts it into the Helios device. First, the UVC works on decontaminating the surface of the food; it doesn’t get into the core. UVC is a form of ultraviolet light and is germicidal.

So what happens to the germs inside the food? Well, that’s where magnetrons come to light; what does a magnetron do? Magnetrons generate microwave energy. The microwave energy travels through a waveguide and is distributed into a metal cavity where the food is cooked. The waves are absorbed by the food and excite water molecules in the food. This heat then transfers throughout the food cooking it.

During this process, a video is recorded using the inbuilt camera, the oven generates an OTP, and when the waiter serves the food, the customer gets this OTP and can use this to watch a video of their food being sanitized on Valetudo Systems’ website, This is achieved using blockchain. The whole process helps stop the spread of germs and foster trust between restaurants and their customers.

The second device, Phalion, is a self-driving sanitary robot that helps hotels and workspaces meet up with government rules and protocols for COVID-19. It does this by sanitizing a space of 120sqft in just 5 minutes. It also has a GPS attached to it which helps to know if a room was sanitized. The same blockchain technology used in UVC helios to establish trust is used here too. Phalion can be applied to hotel rooms, meeting spaces, and workplaces.

What impact does Valetudo have on others?

Presently, the duty to ensure the general safety of lives and health is carried out by everyone now because failure to do so may have repercussions. Therefore, the current global crises have forced us to be our brother’s keeper. 

Valetudo Systems was created to have a long-term effect by proffering a long-lasting solution to the fight against sickness-causing diseases.

“Valetudo Systems is well-scripted, we studied the current market and are offering a long-term solution for businesses and their customers, as well as, Strengthening the Global Immune System against any disease that everyone is naturally stuck thinking about today. We want to create a product for today that strengthens tomorrow,” says Debashish.

He further explains, “We are building global immune systems to help keep the world healthier. Our products focus on the new expectations of sanitation while being transparent.”

Valetudo Systems joins in the tackle against global diseases and sicknesses because the current health crises are currently crumbling the economy and increasing the death rates. Businesses cannot thrive under this current state because everyone is extra careful with their business plans. For instance, the hospitality industry is taking a substantial economic hit due to reduced customer rates and strict government restriction plans.

“We are focusing on businesses and government to get truly in terms with us in building a global initiative. The hope and ability to change the world and create a safe zone where humanity has the ability to judge what areas are safe or not is our plan at Valetudo Systems,” he says.

The goal is to change sanitation expectations worldwide completely, similar to the Sanitation Revolution in the 1840s that gave the world clean running water, indoor plumbing and prevent many deadly diseases.

Valetudo Systems will function to have bilateral effects of working towards fighting global diseases and reviving the global economy, especially the hospitality industry. Therefore, Valetudo Systems is the best market option in the new economy.