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Ike Mann is a man who has been courageous and who has thrown himself into tough, selective and often anything but meritocratic business. She has put aside her fears and decided to dedicate herself to the world of music up to the foundations of her industry to understand the mechanisms that move the market and enhance the so-called artist. 

Your work is very extensive and in recent years has led you to work with many important musicians, events and market players within the music industry, and beyond. From this point of view, what do you think are the realities that in this field are giving more support and opportunities for growth to those who would like to be professionals in the music industry?

“For professionals in the music industry there is no school, there are various courses and masters that allow you to understand “broadly” the market and the various steps needed in the discography and artistic growth of a producer. If, on the other hand, we are talking about music professionals and therefore producers, we work with many artists who have attended production schools and various courses. This, as for management courses, however, does not allow us to enter the Music Business, because it is a very closed and particular sector”.

You personally take care of management and therefore, also marketing, what would you recommend to those musicians and bands who would like to promote themselves? Do you think it is necessary to have a figure like yours or that of a record label all-rounder in this sense?

Promotion is perhaps one of the most difficult things, precisely because it is connected to the marketing studio and above all to the brand.

For an artist who would like to promote himself, I recommend not only to focus on the platform to promote, but also to the brand. That’s the point on which the whole promotion must focus, and obviously depends on a thousand factors. The listener is a consumer, and should be studied as in any market. In order for the consumer to be interested in the product, the brand (along with the music, of course) must attract them. I think a manager is necessary, besides promoting you is a person who believes in the artist’s music as much as he does, and is always present. A fixed point that must not be missing!

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