Breaking Through the Noise on Instagram with the travel influencer and photographer Michelangelo Azzariti

Instagram is growing to be one of the top social networks, thanks to the over 500 million people using the platform every day. It is an excellent channel to market your product or brand as it gives you the opportunity to connect with millions of people. However, the fact that millions of people use Instagram all the time means that it can be challenging to break through all the noise to use the platform effectively for business. Professional photographer and travel influencer, Michelangelo Azzariti shares his top tips on how to cut through the noise on Instagram to stay afloat.

Standing out from the Crowd

If you want to stand out in a sea of photographers, you must think beyond creating amazing images. Because you aren’t the only one able to take knock-it-out-of-the-park photos anymore. You’ve probably noticed by now that there are a lot of photographers who do good work. If you want to be the one to get hired, good images don’t cut it. You’ve got to find another way to stand apart from the crowd. Michelangelo’s style of photography is inspired by the particular angles he shoots the scenes of places he visits. Whenever he is taking a photo at a popular destination, for instance, he does not shoot at the same angles that everyone does. Michelangelo believes in being different. As a result of his unique style, thousands of people are in love with his work. 

Be Original

As much as we like to think of ourselves as entirely unique, there’s a good chance we are doing, thinking, or hoping for things that others have already done. However, you can be different if you choose to. Being an original is about finding something unique about yourself amid the parts of you that go along with the flow. Michelangelo believes that originality is the single most celebrated quality of the artist. Craftsmanship may rank a close second, but it is originality that typically draws the most praise and causes an artist to be remembered. The same applies to how you grow on social media for your business. He says that creating a community is not easy as the market is saturated. Nonetheless, with different and original content from other people, you can distinguish yourself. Michelangelo reiterates that even with creativity and originality, the essential thing in photography that every artist should know is how to create and maintain contact with followers and always involving them.

Learn How the System Works

Photography has become so popular, mainly because of the inclusion of cameras on mobile phones, so it’s more difficult for your photos to be noticed. But, if you learn a little more about photography, your photos will be more likely to stand out from the crowd. According to Michelangelo, everyone should learn a little bit of photography because everyone can benefit from it. Not only is it a fun hobby, but it can even make you grow as a person. Throughout his career, Michelangelo has always had the desire to learn. Since we are in the age of social media, new photographers need to learn how to use platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to their benefit. “I have always tried to study every single Instagram change, its complex algorithm that keeps on changing,” he says. 

It is through constant research that Michelangelo has learned growth strategies. He spends hours on YouTube, watching tutorials, testing, and seeing what works for the better hours of the day. He also enjoys looking for appropriate hashtags for each type of photo he wants to post. Such work takes time and above all, patience. “In the end,” Michelangelo advises, “as in all things in life, the desire to learn and to reach a goal always pays; just believe in yourself.”

Committing even a small amount of time regularly to learn more about social media for photography will help you enjoy the creative process of image-making and using that on social media to generate income. It will help overcome frustrations you may have because you don’t understand your craft well enough. As you study, you will find that your creative ideas and expression will come more naturally.


Michelangelo Azzariti’s useful travel suggestions: the best 10 tips

We asked Michelangelo Azzariti, the Italian travel influencer, for some advice on how to make a safe and low-cost trip. Michelangelo tells us about his passions for photography and travel; his Instagram profile is followed by 66k followers. here are the 10 best tips by Michelangelo Azzariti.

1. Make a List for bagage.

About a week or so before each trip, I make a mental list of items I don’t want to forget — which I WILL forget if I don’t write them down. I’ve learned that when I think of something, I need to write it down.

2. Budget.

Always over budget when you plan your travels. Coming in under budget feels great, going over budget hurts. So to save some money little advice to book the flight and the hotel at least in advance.

3. Save memories of wonderful place

Instagram can help you, I still remember when I was posting photos of my trip without taking care of the look and the presets of my gallery. instagram is a good way to post and summarize the best places you’ve visited in a country.

4. Photo accessories

To realize many beautiful photos is necessary (I take always with me) 2 powerbank for my iphone x, two extra batteries for my canon 2000D two 64gb sd memory cards and my mac for the final ph edit. I generally take with me these accessories during trips of at least two weeks.

5. Let Someone at Home Know Your Plans

This is extremely important when traveling solo (i travel a lot of time solo), but it’s still a good idea no matter how many people are in your travel group.

6. Ask The Locals

We always ask the locals to point us to the best restaurants, awesome spots to watch the sunset, the best coffee shops, etc. I do like to tell people what type of food I’m craving though. I’ve been in kenya led to some interesting place that wouldn’t have been my first choice.

7. Learn Common Phrases of the Local Language

A simple “Please,” “Thank you,” and “I’m sorry” in the local language goes a long way. in kenya i have learn a motto of life in swahili “hakuna matata” means “no trouble” or “jambo” means “Hello” I also like to learn the word for beer (in croatia pivo, or cerveza in spain..)

8. Enquire about the price BEFORE You Take Public Transportation

It’s a good idea to ask about the price before you hop on a bus, or other form of public transportation. i’ve learned our lesson in Cuba and in The Netherlands

9. Travel in the Off Season

Traveling during the off season is the best way to avoid the crowds and save money on accommodations, airfare, train tickets and tours. Most of the main tourist attractions are open year-round, just make sure to check closing times as some might have shorter hours during the off-peak travel season. (generally in october is my month to go in tropical place with very cheepy price).

10. Stay Longer in One Place

Staying in one place longer can allow you to experience the city or neighborhood like a local. Making friends with locals, finding local restaurants restaurants and venturing off the beaten path, can make for exciting travel stories and often the most memorable experiences. I have a lot of friends  that i’ve  meet during the trip, I am a very sociable guy and never alone when I travel alone.

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