What it took for Brandon Odam to follow his passion for digital marketing

Brandon Odom graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2007 and went on to earn his Master’s in Leadership Studies. He served as an Active Duty US Army Officer for 7 before he became an affiliate marketer in 2014. After some major hurdles, he finally found his stride and achieved the lifestyle he envisioned for himself and his family while investing his time into projects he cares deeply about. 

Here what Brandon has to say about his work

Brandon has achieved top ranks in a global direct sales company, founded or co-founded more than a half dozen digital businesses along with a Latin dance event production company and is considered a “super affiliate” for his ability to drive a high volume of sales to online offers. Odam latest brand Super Affiliate Life showcases his life lessons learned throughout the journey beginning as a struggling affiliate marketer 6 years ago, to producing multiple 7 figures in online sales and along the way helping others find their paths to personal success using a specific set of digital skills and learning. Over the last 5 years, Brandon has generated over $10 million in sales directly through multiple digital sales funnels he has created. Brandon’s core offer for the last 5 years has been high-ticket health products, primarily Enagic alkaline water ionizers. The team has sold millions of dollars worth of those machines which have blessed thousands of households with constant access to the healthiest water on the planet.

The reason Brandon started his business

The reason behind Brandon started this business because he truly wanted to help people improve their health, get more sales for their business and make more money. Soon he came to realize that his services were a doorway to a total life transformation for many clients and that’s what always keeps him grounded and motivated to continue along this path.

Brandon speaks about his goals

One of Brandon’s major goals is to have accomplished within 5 years is purchasing or constructing his ideal dance club & event space in Phoenix or Scottsdale that he has envisioned for at least the last 7 years now. What he has in mind would take about $5 million and would bring a smile to a lot of peoples’ faces including his own.


Quality Will Endure: Handling the Competition with Affiliate Marketer Brandon Odom

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I was inspired to pursue entrepreneurship after my deployment in Afghanistan. I realized that my potential was being wasted in my current position, and even though I’d been offered a much more prestigious job, I wasn’t excited about it. I wasn’t excited about anything in my career path. I wanted more control over my time and income than I had in the military. So I turned to entrepreneurship.

What was the biggest rejection you faced and how did you overcome it?      

I’ve had some of my audiences turned against me by malicious competitors, people who smear others for profit. While it’s frustrating, I remind myself that quality will endure. All I can do is focus on serving my audience and delivering as much value as I can.

What’s your definition of success?           

Success is when both you and the people you serve really enjoy what you do.

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