Colon cancer counselor advises others to be work hard to screenings

Katrinna Wilson, 51, is a colon cancer survivor.

“Right now, my doctor says I’m doing good,” Wilson says. “I’m not out of the woods until he says I’m cancer-free.”

Wilson was diagnosed at CHI St. Vincent, after finding blood in her stool. Dr. Patrick Szeto removed part of her colon to get to the cancer.

“Her case, in many senses, is very similar to any other colon cancer case,” Dr. Szeto says. “The good thing about her case is that it was caught early.”

Despite that, she still has to have regular check-ups for up to five years.

Dr. Szeto says the best cases are when patients work toward prevention before you notice colon cancer signs.

“Getting your colonoscopy before 50, avoiding some of the risk factors,” Dr. Szeto advises. “By doing so, we catch colon cancer early or catch polyps.”

Wilson’s case is looking exceptionally encouraging. Her useful tidbits to us all is to be diligent about taking care of our health, and don’t be afraid of getting a colonoscopy.

“I was 47 when I was diagnosed,” says Wilson. “They say most times, you need to just wait ’til you’re 50. I don’t think you should wait ’til you’re 50.”