Southwest Iowa: Travel not advised in part of Iowa as all night snowstorm covers roads across the state

While it didn’t bring as much snow as initially expected, a all night winter storm is bringing challenging travel conditions all through the state.

Travel isn’t advised in southwest Iowa, and numerous different roads all through the state are shrouded in snow early Wednesday as a winter storm continues to move across the state.

The snowstorm has so far dropped 2.7 crawls to the Des Moines International Airport and 2.1 creeps in Johnston, as indicated by the National Weather Service in Des Moines.

The most highest totals so far are in northeastern Iowa, where Waterloo had 4 crawls as of 6:30 a.m.

The snow totals will finish up lower than the 6 to 8 inches initially estimate for focal Iowa prior this week. Meteorologist Alex Krull with the National Weather Service in Des Moines said the storm was weakened as a couple pockets of dry air moved in and used up some of the moisture.

But he said the snow is still impacting travel throughout the state.

“People still do need to be careful on this morning’s commute, even though we didn’t see as much impact,” he said.

The road conditions have caused a few school delays in the metro and many cancellations in other parts of the state.

The heaviest snow band moved out of central Iowa to the east earlier this morning. Light snow showers and freezing drizzle could continue until around 11 a.m., he said. It will still make for some slick conditions on the roads.

Krull said that means this storm will likely not break the 2008 record for snowiest February on record, of which Des Moines was 3.3 inches short on Tuesday. But more snow is in the forecast for this weekend.

Krull said there will likely only be minor impacts with blowing snow in central Iowa, with wind gusts expected around 15 to 20 mph.

The Iowa Department of Transportation reports that travel is not advised in the southwestern corner of the state. Many other roadways are completely covered It currently has 590 plows working across Iowa to clear the roadways.