Somayeh Noor journey from overcoming stigma to becoming an investor partner with Multibank

Women around the world and throughout history have had to face many problems to succeed in life. The journeys of several such women prove to be an inspiration for generations to come. Somayeh Nourozi reflects on her journey of overcoming stigma and becoming an investor partner with the Multibank Group.

Somayeh started out when she was quite young by joining her family’s business, successfully navigating it, and nurturing it. She joined her family’s business at a time when it was not common or acceptable for a woman to have a job or a business. She even taught students privately while still in high school just to earn her own income. By the age of 20, she was already learning about investments and investing on her own. “My success, I believe, is owed to my ability to understand how economics works on an international scale. My investment decisions are reflective of this,” said Somayeh. 

With the Company worth billions in assets and with thousands of investment experts in different cities, Somayeh oversees the investment projects over a number of sectors in the industry from commodity to gold. Following the financial crisis of 2008, Somayeh increased her knowledge of the real estate market, and in September 2009, she used this gained expertise to invest in properties throughout the UAE, generally, residences that were multifamily and in upscale areas. This work included acquisition, management, and sale of the residences, and Somayeh managed to achieve tremendous success in this venture. 

Somayeh has faced tremendous odds to reach the point where she is. To be called an expert in her field in her country was truly commendable. Her journey was long and arduous, to say the least. She even authored a book titled “Success Vitamins,” which highlights the factors that helped her to gain personal growth and achieve great success in her life. Her journey is an inspiration to women across the globe.