Meet Sergio Feray: Tattoos & Traditional Entrepreneurship perfectly balanced


Sergio Feray is one of those young and multifaceted individuals with a firm solid ground who constantly displays values such as elegance and good work.

Who is Sergio Feray?

Born and raised in Barcelona and 29 years old, Sergio combines his passion for fitness, tattoos and fashion with a classic entrepreneurial approach and a modern vision.

Have you heard this quote which says “Action speaks louder than words”? It’s based on this key idea how Sergio Feray has been performing on a daily basis for more than 10 years.

¿Who said that classic entrepreneurs don’t have any tattoos?

Sergio Feray is what we could consider a heavily tattooed entrepreneur who’s job consists in leading a company with more than 50 employees and a annual revenue that has tripled during the last years. This remarkable growth has been possible thanks to his business approach which focuses on the market demands in addition to a deep rooted idea based on constant growth and innovation that he has settled into the DNA of his company.

But Feray doesn’t spend his days by only having meetings and managing his company. Once the office time is over, his passion for fitness and tattoos take over his daily routine.

“I do calisthenics, crossfit and I also include classic gym weight training in my weekly fitness routine that I follow six days per week”

The physical activity has been one of the main keys of Sergio’s personal development and it works hand by hand with his tattoo project which has been the artistic way of shaping his ideals and most personal tastes by inking them on his skin.

“I get tattoos at least once per month in order to move forward in my tattoo project”

Sergio has already a vast amount of tattoos in his body that includes sleeves, back, sides and legs. His tattoo themes go from realism to fictional and we can see this in his landscape sleeve fully inspired in Venice that contrasts with his leg tattoo sleeve which is filled with Marvel superheroes and will be submitted (when finished)  to a tattoo contest. All his tattoos are made by the renowned tattoo artist_ Miguel Bohigues from V Tattoo.

Where can we find Sergio?

Besides his company, the crossfit box and the tattoo studio, we can find Sergio in place where he shares all of those passions on a daily basis with more than 75.000 followers . This place is no other than his Instagram account @sergioferay. Here we can enjoy a perfectly balanced atmosphere that includes tattoos, fashion, fitness and lifestyle and its best.