Avima Iron ore’s H1 65% Fe fines is considered a premium grade iron ore and the company has engaged internationally reputable surveying companies to ensure the grade and volumes are delivered with the highest integrity to its customers.

“Delivering the highest quality to our customers is of critical importance to us. We have entered into long term contracts which last for many years with our customers who are large steel makers. They have adjusted their steel manufacturing processes based on Avimas iron ore as their feedstock so it’s very important we deliver a consistent quality product” Socrates Vasiliades said.

The international surveyor work starts at the Avima mine site and quality control involves many samples are taken on a daily basis and laboratory tested. Weight verification also takes place at mine where all truck weights are checked on the certified weigh bridge. The trucks are tarped and sealed before making their 16 hour journey to Kribi port.

Once the iron ore arrives are Kribi port a similar process takes place however there is a draft survey carried out on the large vessels that will carry the iron ore to it’s overseas destination. Vessels carry between 85,000 to 140,000 tonnes.

The surveying both quality and weight and the chain of custody process is time consuming and costly. The company has committed to these processes as the priority is to deliver the iron ore as contracted to itslong-term customers.

Avima is committed to corporate and social programs.  Avima will train the local population so they can subsequently participate directly in the development of their business. Avima Iron Ore Limited is very focused on giving back to the community. 

Socrates Vasiliades has commented the company adopts practices that are up to international standards and strives to respect the environment. That is a fundamental part of what the company does which is situated in a beautiful and natural environment that host communities, exotic animals and vegetation, they need to ensure the impact on the environment of the mining project is reduced to a minimum.