Social CBD says Do Your Part. Stay Home and Receive FREE CBD


Yep, you read that correctly. You do your part to flatten the curve by staying home. And we’ll do our part to help making stay at home as relaxing and restful as possible.

Social CBD was founded on the promise of natural and holistic solutions to the problems of modern life. And here we find ourselves in one of the most unprecedented and sudden health and economic shock of our lifetimes. And we at Social CBD find that we have a product that millions across the world are using for some of their most crippling afflictions: to improve their anxiety, to help get better and more restful sleep, and to recover from aching muscles and joints after the physically demanding work being done by our first responders, delivery drivers, hospital staff and grocery store clerks.

Our offer is really very simple.  You stay at home, you go to and we give you free Social CBD. You get some Boost capsules to start your day, some yummy gummies to keep you going through it, and some Rest capsules for a great night’s sleep. That’s it.

Social CBD helps you take a deep breath and take stock of what’s important in life. Connecting with your family, catching up with your old friends, or maybe just relaxing and telling your anxiety you’re closed for business. Social CBD is 100% plant based, tested five times from plant to packaging, and available online and in over 20,000 locations across the country.  

Social CBD: we’re here to help you with your Social distancing.

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