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In a world where the global population is still witnessing the unimaginably and horrible repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have continued to focus towards achieving greater customer acquisition by making the most out of industry-trending, cost-efficient, and smart strategies where Growth Hacking comes on top of all.

Understanding Growth Hacking

It is relatively a new and dynamic concept within the field of marketing that has gained significant fame in a very short period. It focuses on bringing rapid growth in the least time possible within a limited budget. Backed by the latest techniques, methodologies, market analytics, and consumer demographics, most of the industry experts agree that growth hacking has got a lot to deal with today’s digital marketplaces.

It is unquestionably true that digital businesses from diverse industries put an immense amount of time, efforts, and money to successfully enrich their brands’ online visibility. By adopting the latest industry trending strategies and technologies, they are not just able to reach out relevant target audience but can also boost their monthly conversion to an incredible extent.

How Growth Hacking, Customer Acquisition, and COVID-19 Relate?

There are no doubts in agreeing to a globally accepted fact that COVID-19 has completely reshaped the way businesses think and act to attain greater customer acquisition. From the moment lockdown started to the moment where now countries are opening up with tons of precautions and risks, businesses have to rethink their marketing strategy and practices in 2020.

That’s exactly where Growth Hacking comes in. From small to even large-scale businesses, it has become the epitome of achieving exceptional growth and customer acquisition, unlike any other online marketing strategy.

COVID-19 has deeply impacted the way people live in this world. The only choice for them is to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing dynamics of the world. Ross Andrew Paquette – A modern leader, entrepreneur, and CEO of Maropost shared his thoughts in an interview to California Herald by unveiling customer-first innovation as the key to his success.

Ross Andrew Paquette further added that business owners should focus on building a strong business, rather than big business. He said “We believed in the level of innovation we brought to the industry and knew that others would too” which highlights the core values that have made it possible for him to achieve unbelievable growth in terms of his unique SaaS platform Maropost.

Now if you try to rethink doing a successful and profitable business in a new world that has been completely transformed by COVID-19, it looks like that you will need smart, intelligent, cost-effective, and automated marketing systems to reach out to your target audience.

Things to consider for this year’s digital marketing and promotions?

It is quite evident that online shopping has already revolutionized the way people think and shop but it has now become a common practice even in those markets where traditional businesses tend to dominate online businesses.

Therefore, businesses need to transform their marketing strategies and adopt cost-effective and productive marketing automation platforms. From those who sell products to those who offer services, it’s time for many to evolve as a rapidly growing business by simply using such marketing tools.

If you want your business to keep thriving in this Epidemic then you should step out of your comfort zone and follow the new rules of the game. Businesses from several diverse industries have already started to focus on Growth Hacking this year. If you haven’t then don’t worry at all, here is a simple and effective guide to developing the most rewarding Growth Hacking Guide for your business.

5 Step Growth Hacking Guide for 2020

Growth Hacking is a unique and effective strategy that brings everything under one roof and act as a single all-in-one strategy to achieve increased customer acquisition in this pandemic.

Step 01: Review Your Current Marketing Insights & Data

The very first thing to consider is to review the current marketing and promotional insights regarding your business. By taking a closer look at all of the key variables, analytics, and customer demographics, you can easily draw an idea of how your target audiences’ buying preferences are changing quickly due to COVID-19. It will help you a lot in gaining a new and relevant set of audience by making the most out of the data that you have in hand.

Step 02: Discover and Redefine Your Goals

Goals are not only meant to be smart but also to be implemented smartly. In the quest where the entire world has been fighting against COVID-19 and trying to carry on the daily routine, it will be far more complicated for you to define your goals. You should focus on a customer-first innovation similar to the idea that Ross Andrew Paquette shared where your customers come before your own business and its mission.

Step 03: Integrate A Strong Lead Magnet

The most important element to consider is how you were attracting your target audience before COVID-19 and what you should now do in this epidemic to successfully keep attracting your target audience. That’s where marketing automation tools like Maropost becomes worth mentioning. The primary goal of these tools is to keep the marketing costs as low as possible and gain as many customers as possible by making use of the vital target audience data that you have.

Step 04: Don’t Underestimate Social Media

Social media has not just revolutionized the way businesses build their online reputation and reach out to potential customers but it has further widened its important in a situation where people are still reluctant to go out in public. Your social media presence means a lot to your business. You should focus on remaining highly active and responsive on social media.

Step 05: Get an Exceptional Conversion Rate

Lastly, if you have gone through all of these steps successfully then there is nothing that can stop you from achieving skyrocketing conversions that will not only bring potential customers overnight but will continue to work and bring more business in today’s fragile market situations without costing you a lot of money.

Concluding Thoughts

****To conclude all of that we have gone through in this post, online market space has not only become the major source for achieving better business but the rising competition has toughened the pitch for many small and medium scale online businesses.

By focusing on productive and cost-effective SaaS marketing platforms you can easily attain your desired goals while keeping in mind every bit of detail and information about your target audience.

Growth Hacking is not just a newly coined term but it has now become an essential need for the majority of today’s online businesses. Believe it or not but the majority of your target audience is now focused towards online buying and that’s the key to success for you.

Today, successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and digital marketing experts all have started to consider Growth Hacking as an exclusive and role-playing strategy to acquire fast and constantly thriving growth in their businesses.

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