Resorts in the Town of Had Nes


Had Nes is A tourist town based mainly on holiday resorts. an Israeli village established as a community Near the northern shore of the Sea of ​​Galilee. Had Nes Found next to the Jordan River park, The peaceful little tourist town is surrounded by many nature reserves.

Had Nes, Located 2 km from the town of Christ (Capernaum). It serves as a central point because of its location to every major site in the Galilee. In the town there are a wide variety of accommodation in a unique atmosphere with all possible amenities. Some with private pools and some you can enjoy a full view of the Sea of ​​Galilee. Here’s a glimpse to what this town has to offer:

*- Dream of Joseph Boutique suite & Spa

Giving breathtaking sights of the Sea of Galilee And the city of Tiberias, the Dream of Joseph Luxury Suites with a hot spa and a personal garden. Their spa features a free sauna and an Indoor heated pool. The resort is only suitable for couples.

*- pastoral

pastoral is a 2 Suite complex with private pools for Perfect privacy experience that is set in a Secluded resort in Had Nes, inside the Golan Heights region. This outstanding place is close to the Sea of ​​Galilee and hexagonal pool. The owner is extremely friendly.

*- Happiness

Looking over the Sea of Galilee and And the Jordan River Park, this kind of property includes a unique Fish spa and it is perfect for some relaxation time. On site there are 3 family suites and a large outdoor heated pool.

*- The Mansion

Located in Had Nes, fourteen kilometers right from From the city of Tiberias, The Mansion Resort offer a great outdoor pool Facing the Sea of ​​Galilee, in addition to that, this lodge also offers a 6 suites suitable for families with children. The host is super friendly and will make sure everything you require is there.

*- Eden’s Boutique

With an outdoor pool area and an inside pool, Eden’s Boutique comes with lodging located in Had Nes, 3 kilometers out of Capernaum (Christ’s Town). The Luxury suites At the resort with heated private pools Plus air-conditioned and includes a spa bathtub.

*- Liora’s Paradise

Offering an outside pool area and a hot spa tub, Liora’s Paradise offers Cabins located in Had Nes, four kilometers from the Sea of Galilee. This Cabins is air-conditioned and includes a spa bathtub for you to have some relaxing moments in Had Nes town.

*- Paradise Berama

Located in Had Nes, twenty -four kilometers from Mount Hermon, Paradise Berama provides its visitors 4 luxury suites and heated pool, free Wi-fi, and a spa bathtub. What else could we ask for?

*- Terra Nostra

Terra Nostra offers a 3 suites with dry sauna and heated pool, for some quiet time and peace of mind in the town of Had Nes. Guests in the lodge can also enjoy a A wide range Of spa treatments. Terra Nostra features a hot spa tub for you to release any tension and truly enjoy your vacation In the Galilee.

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