Real Estate Marketing Hacks, With Dominant Status

“We are capable of so much more than we know when we push ourselves. So push to work hard, play hard and love even harder.” — Jeff Rohde

Founder of Dominant Status in Kansas City, Jeff Rohde offers his Real Estate clients a
useful, proven marketing strategy that can greatly benefit their overall business. From increasing overall revenue to establishing brand awareness with his strong Influencer network reach of over 3 billion combined followers. Jeff and his partnership team have over 15 years of combined experience in the digital marketing and real estate world and have worked with thousands of companies with great success.

As a dedicated and detail-oriented service provider, Jeff can elevate your online presence and give you a Dominant Status in this vast digital world.

Jeff grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and started his career with a COOP in his
senior year in the printing/graphics industry. Early on he began to work side by side
with Marketers and Agencies, helping them turn their clients’ visions into tangible printed realities.

He enjoyed his role but always envied the marketer’s role and decided to do
something about it. He went back to school to further his education, and position himself to become a marketer to allow himself to pursue what will give him and his family a better life where they can spend more time together.

According to Rohde, “It cannot be overstated. Marketing in this post COVID culture has
changed forever. The service provider or seller that has not taken the last year as
a wake-up call should turn in their badge right now. If ever there was a time to get
onboard with all of the types of social media marketing varieties there are to choose
from, now is the time.”

This is not an opinion, studies suggest the impact of the pandemic has turned the real estate industry upside down. Virtual site-visits and internet lead generation are modern-day marketing methods that most real estate companies need to leverage to get the attention of prospective buyers. At the same time, buyers, many of whom are still scared to step out, are actively participating in the process, making these new techniques of Real Estate Marketing a massive success.

Another great tip from Jeff, “SEO tools are a must for anyone who wants to level up their business. SEO positions you in front of the audience that matters the most to you. Strategically placing you at the forefront of your competition and giving you the opportunity to reach your potential clients first.

“Don’t just hope you have enough possible customers in your funnel to make ends meet, be sure you have enough to fill the funnel and force you to take steps to scale up. Be ahead of the moment… Why wait for your client to come to you? We can get you in front of the right audience at the right time. ”

At Dominant Status, their team of experts have delivered thousands of first-page-result SEO campaigns. With best-in-class technology and a dedicated staff, they allow their clients to focus on running and building their businesses. Because the vast majority of consumers search on Google before making a buying decision, Jeff gives Real Estate businesses and franchises the visibility they need where the majority of the market searches.

Rohde says, “Using Influencer Marketing can align you to those in society that have an expert opinion, as well as a strong social impact. It can provide you the credibility that is necessary to conduct your business in the capacity that you always intended.”

Just like every other industry, Real Estate has experienced rapid change due to new technologies and we understand that it’s imperative to keep up with how it’s evolving. Although direct advertising methods are still popular in Real Estate Marketing, they’re not the only way to help consumers change their minds. That’s where Jeff’s innovative influencer marketing strategies come into play.
Jeff and his team understand that getting in front of the right audience can be especially challenging in this climate. And that’s why they have partnered up with industry experts to develop the best techniques to get your business in front of the right people at the right time.