The Web Star Pierdavid Palumbo Is A Musical Revelation

Pierdavid Palumbo is an Italian singer and musician who has gone international and viral with his ideas and his electro swing rhythm, he has made thousands of young people dance all over the world, from the youngest to the oldest, making crowds fall in love with people and having fun, he challenged one of the most classic and serious songs like “my way” and the rendering full of joy and cheerfulness with his voice and talent he can sing any musical genre, versatile artist Pierdavid has sung numerous musical genres making his fans stunned, even going from a classic opera style to electronic music, he has been called the first electro crooner in the world for being the first male singer to sing an electro swing song, and the voice of electro swing that brings this musical genre up

Pierdavid Palumbo is not only a singer but a revolutionary of music itself, who has managed to evolve a genre from the past into a current and modern version, is defined as the new Frank Sinatra for the evolution of the swing of the 50s, to the electro swing of our days

The electro swing music, is a mix of mainly jazz sounds with electro rhythms that give that energy that we heard in the Pierdavid song, the electro sound fused with jazz does not weigh down, or ruin the song, but makes it a unique and winning idea, and his latest video he recorded with various dancers around the world, with the shuffle dance which combines movements of feet and arms at great speed to the rhythm of music

The celebrity quickly reached 60,000 followers on his instagram profile and it is constantly evolving, it also won an award in France for best artistic creation of a jazz arrangement with an international jury, and later formed a band of musicians performing at various major theaters

He sang in duo also with his father Gian Belmondo touring with him various tours such as Cuba, Las Vegas,Thailand and many others among the most famous in Havana entitled “that’s life” father and son, the tour lasted a month, the song “Historia de un amor” the song made several television reportage appearances and with “(they long to be) close to you” in budapest Tour, the latter recorded for the occasion of valentine’s day in a romantic and heartthrob dress making his fans dream with his classy and deep voice

The artist boasts a career from 1996 until today, enjoying success on social media and around the world

What will his new productions be that he will reserve for us in the future? all that remains is to find out!

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