Rachid EI Khabbachi a true inspiration for the upcoming generations

Not everyone is born high every one somehow in their lives sooner or later have to work hard to be successful in life in our everyday life while scrolling Facebook and Twitter. We see a lot of triumphant people in business, ha we admire them a lot. We think that we might ha some sort of living that they have, but no one knows the behind story of it how these people worked hard in their lives to achieve whatever they have today. Everyone in his life wants to be rich successful. But few people chase their dreamsand work hard for the same is the life story of a very famous successful, wealthy businessman Rachid EI Khabbachi; he is also known as Jamal. His life journey is a true inspiration for many upcoming youngsters to improve their living. He started his life career from somebody who had nothing to a successful businessman.


Rachid was born in Mauritania; this a small own in Africa since all his childhood, he saw poverty hunger, and this situation was always so difficult for him that’s why he ever thought to become a successful businessman so that he can change his way of living as well as the life of his family so that he can help them in improving their living standards. And now all his dreams came true in life due to his hard work and efforts that he made; he started his life journey as a street fighter, according to him, and there was a time in his life that he used to beg for food. And now he is running his own companies.

Success story:

Rachid started from a small business of selling and buying products. Today the very celebrities are all his friends like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Coner McGregor, KendallJenner, Benzema they are all very good friends of him and these celebrities invited him to different countries like Miami and Dubaiand Rachid also invited them to Germany and France they are all very good friends on social media as well as the president of the state also asked him to meet in acknowledgment of his really hard work for the charity purposes that he did for organizations for the welfare of poor and needy people Netflix is also considering in a making a documentary on his life story.