Affiliate marketing oozes tremendous potential, and who knows this better than Mik Zenon

Pushing his social media influencer skills into this space, he’s done wonders.

The digital world opens up astronomical opportunities that help online businesses turn to full throttle and speed away to glory. The online sphere has many perspicacious players who’ve optimized their strategies that molds perfectly into the digital zone, exuding extraordinary results. Amidst the varying channels that are open that give that perfect boost to online entities is affiliate marketing. The potential of this powerful medium is under utilized, but if the roots of it are prehended the right way, the results can be eye widening. It’s veridical, underlying positivities have been acknowledged by many industry experts who’ve used this tool to its optimum levels, gaining tremendously in return. Mik Zenon is one amongst them who’ve understood where it’s strengths lie, having used it to maximize his digital footprint extensively.

Affiliate marketing holds extreme reach spanning prodigious demographics, making it one of the most powerful tools for marketing, says Zenon, who’s been using his social media influencer skills into this zone, and he claims to have received mind-boggling results. His interests lie in pushing his unique Amazon finds, which have an unbelievable response rate. Within just 14 months of stepping in he’s seen a spurt in his social media following to more than 3 million, backed by one billion views, raking in an impressive amount of revenues in the e-commerce sphere. Interestingly, his channel initiated with a 100 part Amazon finds series named “Amazon Products You Need (Or Don’t)” which saw an extension to around 365 parts given its increasing popularity. Zenon spices up the content with his humorous touch, giving the audiences more reasons to hang on.

He says the spark to try his hands at affiliate marketing ignited when he watched Kevin Hart’s interview on the Joe Rogan podcast, conversing about financial freedom and ways to achieve them. The moment initiated the decision to get himself a career around this zone, which materialized in a few months from then. Today, he’s stands amongst one of the content creators from a mere former consumer, and he’s done it exceedingly well too. From stock trading to currencies to e-commerce to eventually affiliate marketing, the journey has been enriching for him. Establishing a vigorous foothold, now Zenon aims at joining hands with Lifewit, known majorly in the Amazon selling arena and next in line is the launch of his own brand which will take over the digital space with a bang, he assures. “Will keep you posted on this,” says Zenon before signing off.

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Kevin Von James sets an example for his fan

Kevin Von James is a legendary singer, blogger, YouTuber, and a great social media influencer. He is one of the great singers in the music industry. He has boundless performing skills in every show and stage which is so interesting. His vocal range is remarkable. He sets numerous brilliant performances with his fabulous vocal kills. 

Kevin Von James wins millions of hearts universally by having great knowledge about vocal range. He has an exclusive vocal talent that can make a sharp future for him. He earned fame with the success of his first single ‘Venus to Fly’. He confronted several difficulties in his life from the start of his career. His exemplary singing skills became a massive successor for him which makes him the biggest sensation. 

His personality is greatly motivating several hopeful singers to succeed in the music industry as well. He is one of the brilliant vocalists with additional abilities like blogging, social media influencing, and uploading Interesting videos on YouTube. 

His commitment and enthusiasm towards singing mark him unique from others. He makes concerned about music since his childhood. He is an energetic and encouraging character in the music industry. Kevin Von James is a flexible artist; he is well-known for his consistent skills in singing. He marks his name from the list of motivating people as well. 

Kevin Von James has an endless singing ability with prodigious boldness and efficiency. He has a decent tone and has all information about this field. He recognizes his vocal range much better with decent melodic phrasing. He is a well-known growing performer of his generation, the song never goes out of tune, he sings in numerous vocal shades. This superiority of him makes him irreplaceable and ideal. His songs are classic, more relaxed, and calming to listen to any songs.

He has a vocal sound with no filter, and his creative voice is sufficient to make anybody silly and insane. He became an abundant singer with his solid effort and struggles. Kevin Von James displays that there is no time limit for learning singing; he is a prodigious learner with additional talents of self-confidence and self-control. 

He is a perfect and epitome example for those who just starting their hopeful profession in singing because he is an inspiration for many people. Besides singing, he also holds a lot of works like blogging, YouTube, social media. He is an all-rounder and multi-task-performing personality. Without any further confusion, he is one of the finest singers who gains millions of hearts and receives too much fan following on his own. 

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Chelsea Mimms who built a massive following being a social media influencer

Chelsea Justine Mimms who hails from Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada is a 25-year-old entrepreneur. She completed her education in Bachelor of Arts – French Studies. She is an influencer who has a large fan following. She has 17,000 YouTube subscribers and 47,000 Instagram followers. Besides, content creating she is fond of travelling and fashion which are also sometimes featured on her accounts. She is married to her high school sweetheart and is a new mother to a beautiful little girl.

How Chelsea came to be a social media influencer

When she was in high school she would always recommend products, teach her friends new hairstyles and would usually be ahead of the trends. “I would constantly be repeating myself to people on the same topics that one day I decided to start a YouTube channel thinking maybe other people would want to know these things as well.” For years Chelsea kept it a secret from her friends but soon she realized that if she shares her content it could help more people.  

“YouTube was my first big step into social media but it takes a lot of work & although I enjoy editing sometimes it’s hard to keep up on, especially when I was in school, that’s when I got more into Instagram. Instagram is a quick and easy way to share my ideas and connect with my followers. I still love making YouTube videos and creating content which is why I do both.” Her content was based around beauty and fashion but gradually her content began to incorporate self-love & self-growth as she got older however her passions for beauty and fashion are still strong.

Changes Chelsea had in career after becoming a mother

Now that she has become a mother, she has entered the “mommy blogger” niche. “I can feel the overwhelming amount of love and know that things are only going up from here. Being somewhat trendy and also being a mom is so fun and allows me to make content I enjoy while also sharing some amazing tips for my fellow mamas, soon to be or individuals who love family content”, Chelsea stated. Chelsea’s content although sometimes mommy blogger related is still focused around daily life, beauty and fashion. Chelsea is still very active on both Instagram and YouTube till this day and has some exciting plans for the year ahead. 

Plans Chelsea has for her career

Chelsea career is really just getting started. Her pregnancy has amped up her YouTube channel even more so and has given her a sense of purpose. She has a lot of exciting content planned for this year and is looking forward to continuing her growth. “I just love to help and share any knowledge I have in hopes to inspire, help or entertain someone else. We are all on our journey and it is so important to uplift others, share what we know and live each day without fear of what others will say”, Chelsea remarked. She has so much love to give and share with the world and we look forward to watching her inspire others to do the same.

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Rachid EI Khabbachi a true inspiration for the upcoming generations

Not everyone is born high every one somehow in their lives sooner or later have to work hard to be successful in life in our everyday life while scrolling Facebook and Twitter. We see a lot of triumphant people in business, ha we admire them a lot. We think that we might ha some sort of living that they have, but no one knows the behind story of it how these people worked hard in their lives to achieve whatever they have today. Everyone in his life wants to be rich successful. But few people chase their dreamsand work hard for the same is the life story of a very famous successful, wealthy businessman Rachid EI Khabbachi; he is also known as Jamal. His life journey is a true inspiration for many upcoming youngsters to improve their living. He started his life career from somebody who had nothing to a successful businessman.


Rachid was born in Mauritania; this a small own in Africa since all his childhood, he saw poverty hunger, and this situation was always so difficult for him that’s why he ever thought to become a successful businessman so that he can change his way of living as well as the life of his family so that he can help them in improving their living standards. And now all his dreams came true in life due to his hard work and efforts that he made; he started his life journey as a street fighter, according to him, and there was a time in his life that he used to beg for food. And now he is running his own companies.

Success story:

Rachid started from a small business of selling and buying products. Today the very celebrities are all his friends like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Coner McGregor, KendallJenner, Benzema they are all very good friends of him and these celebrities invited him to different countries like Miami and Dubaiand Rachid also invited them to Germany and France they are all very good friends on social media as well as the president of the state also asked him to meet in acknowledgment of his really hard work for the charity purposes that he did for organizations for the welfare of poor and needy people Netflix is also considering in a making a documentary on his life story.


Jose Arias – Influencing Minds Through Social Media Marketing

Crafting a social media career out, Jose Arias has inspired companies to the idea of Instagram-marketing.

Online-marketing has established its presence in the ever-changing world of the marketing landscape. The need to personally market products to the customers have pushed big companies to sell their products on various social media services. Recently, after Facebook, Instagram has emerged as a terrific market-place online. With over 600 million users monthly, marketing your products on this platform gives the businesses an added advantage. The increase in Instagram-marketing is also due to the emergence of social media influencers. Jose Arias is one such influencer, who has developed his following through effective online-marketing and creativity.

Jose Arias’ innate ability to transform a current trending topic into a meme has amassed a large number of fans of his Instagram page @dawg. Arias at 16 years of age, started using social media and fell in love with the humour side of it. He liked to showcase his brand through humour and immediately started a meme page. By learning the intricacies of social media, Arias dropped out of college and decided to become a social media entrepreneur. Hailing from New York, the 25-year-old is a self-made, self-taught social media marketer and influencer. He listed down types of advertisements on Instagram to effectively market the products.

  • Photo Ad: Companies and small businesses must give photo ads on Instagram and also feature the ads on their website. A powerful photo ad will feel like a normal post and the users won’t dismiss the ad. To create a harmony between its website and Instagram, the companies should have the same photo ad on their website as well; this makes the user trust the website.
  • Slideshow ads: On Instagram, slideshow ads allow its users to upload up to 10 images, select the background music to be played during the slideshow and also gives an option to choose each image’s screen duration. Slideshow ads can go on for a maximum of 50 seconds and can play on a loop.
  • Carousel ads: These ads are similar to slideshow ads; the only difference being that instead of images playing on a loop, the user gets the option to swipe the rest of the images. This allows a user to properly gauge the product.
  • Video Ads: A maximum window of 60 seconds is allotted to the users to showcase their video ads. This is a very good feature and allows effective advertising to many businesses.

Jose Arias has himself enhanced his stories and posts through various advertising tools and has carved out an amazing career. His ability to help and advise his contemporaries or beginners has helped him build his skills as an influencer. Jose Arias owns a media company that manages OnlyFans models, meme pages, influencers and international models. Jose Arias publishes interesting posts live videos that’ll help users to grow and establish their personal and business presence on social media via his Instagram Account @papii

Canada based popular Indian entrepreneur, educationist and businessman, Romy Johnson, is a proud founder, owner and CEO of British Indian Academy, Xaare, Fames Media and Cool Gurus. He interviewed Jose Arias, a top social media marketer and influencer from New York. To know more about Romy, follow him on Facebook and Instagram – @RomyJohnsonOfficial.


Garrett Shiner: Leading Social Media influencer and Entrepreneur of Instagram

Garrett Shiner, renowned Entrepreneur is progressing at a rapid speed in the Digital Marketing business. This young lad is magnificent when it comes to Technology & Digital Marketing; many say “Garrett Shiner will be the next big thing in Influencer world and Digital Marketing world.”

His in-depth knowledge is helping Individual profiles and businesses. He is able to give organic growth fan following wise and the company earning with right and organic online techniques.

Garrett Shiner is the founder and CEO of Shiner Marketing specializes in creating brand awareness, traffic and lead gen, marketing funnels, social media and more.

Garrett Shiner name comes in USA’s youngest Digital Marketing Entrepreneur and social media influencer now his name has started to go in Youngest Digital Marketer of the world and also most budding Digital Marketer expert of the world.

He has worked with top most names and brands in the last few years with terrific turnover says many things about his skills as Digital Marketer and social media influencer.

Garrett Shiner name we feel will come as youngest millionaire Entrepreneur of USA too.

Many don’t know that Garrett Shiner is the only USA Entrepreneur, A digital marketer who is earning better than most in the business.

His startup company Shiner Marketing is now Dallas Texas biggest Digital Marketing company. Now his company comes in top ten startup company in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Garrett Shiner is operating with famous names around the world; he is taking an active part in many companies grow. He has worked with many big names, and famous now recognized him as the best in the business.

Garrett Shiner is setting the best floor for the young generation with his growth in the Digital world. We hope that he leads people under him so that Dallas Texas name too come in the list of top Digital Marketers and also in top IT providers companies.

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