Back in Boston, Celtics respect John Havlicek

The Boston Celtics respected Hall of Famer John Havlicek before their playoff amusement against the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday night, watching a moment of quietness in advance and after that demonstrating a feature video amid the first commercial break.

The Celtics likewise wore black warmup T-shirts bearing Havlicek’s No. 17.

The leading scorer in the history of the NBA’s most-decorated franchise, Havlicek passed on a week ago at 79 years old. For the Celtics’ first diversion back in Boston from that point forward, the group set remembrance books in the concourse so fans could include their memories.

“Hondo” Havlicek played 16 seasons in a Celtics uniform and won titles in eight of them – the first six in the Bill Russell time and afterward two more as the pioneer of a group with Jo Jo White and Dave Cowens. Havlicek, who was the 1974 NBA Finals MVP, was enlisted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1984 and named one of the 50 biggest players of the NBA’s first 50 years.

However, he is best associated with his take to secure the 1965 Eastern Conference finals and the call from long-term Celtics radio play-by-play man Johnny Most, who shouted, “Havlicek stole the ball!” The replay amid the Havlicek tribute on Friday drew commendation from the group before Game 3 of the second-round series against Milwaukee.

After the video, fans allowed a 30-second standing ovation while a spotlight shone on the banner with Havlicek’s retired No. 17.


Who is the Sixers fan with white hair sitting courtside? That is Alan Horwitz

Sixers fans who have been watching the group on the regular for the last couple of seasons are very much aware of “Old Man Knees,” likewise referred to his friends and family as Alan Horwitz.

“The players call me ‘Papi’ and Kendall Jenner calls me ‘Papi,’” Horwitz said today.

In any case, basketball fans from around the nation experienced Horwitz’s extreme being a fan when he was appeared on the broadcast sitting courtside for Games 1 and 2 in Toronto. He was difficult to miss, holding up a Sixers sign after pretty much every positive Philly play.

NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Marc Farzetta sat down with Horwitz on Thursday preceding the die-hard Sixers fan sitting courtside later tonight in his customary seats alongside the Sixers seat.

Horwitz, who has been a Sixers fan since the 1960s, shared stories of his meats throughout the years with contradicting stars like Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo yet additionally individual restricting fans, for example, Drake.

Drake had a few words for Horwitz up in The Six.

“[Drake] was giving it to me the first game [in Toronto]. He was sitting in my seat on the other side. As I’m holding up the flag in Game 1, he’s giving me this ‘blah, blah, blah.’ He’s giving me all that stuff, then I start giving it back in the second game.”

Another renowned Sixers fan, Kevin Hart, connected with Drake on Twitter to check whether the musician will be at the Wells Fargo Center tonight for Game 3.

Some call him “Old Man Knees,” some call him “The Sixth Man,” some call him “Papi.” Whatever he’s called, Horwitz wants to see this Sixers group win as much as anyone. He got an uncommon guarantee from the Sixers’ possession.

“When we win the championship, I was promised I’m going into the locker room to celebrate with the players and I get the same ring the players get, from Mr. Josh Harris,” Horwitz said.


What are the symptoms of pancreatic cancer?

Pancreatic cancer happens when cells in the pancreas grow out of control and form a tumour. The pancreas is a significant organ of the digestive system, encompassed by the stomach and situated close to the spleen, gallbladder and liver. Health authorities frequently depict the pancreas as having a head, body and tail. The NHS says a tumour in the pancreas does not usually present with any symptoms, meaning the cancer can be hard to spot.

About portion of all cases are analyzed in individuals matured 75 or over and your chances of developing it under the age of 50 are much lower.

There are several signs of pancreatic cancer to watch out for.

But be aware that many of these may be attributed to other less severe health conditions.

The NHS says some of the first noticeable symptoms are:

stomach and back pain
unexpected weight loss

Other possible symptoms may include:

nausea or being sick
loss of appetite
changes in your bowel habits including diarrhoea, loose or smelly stools, constipation
digestive problems or indigestion
fever and shivering
blood clots
recently diagnosed diabetes

If you are concerned about having these symptoms or experience a sudden flare-up of some kind, it is best to get a check-up from your doctor.
What are the risk factors associated with pancreatic cancer?

Medical experts do not know what causes pancreatic cancer but there are several risk factors associated with developing it.

These can include older age, typically people aged 50 to 80, being overweight, smoking, pancreatitis and having a family history of the cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer UK says there is also some evidence that your risk of getting pancreatic cancer may be worsened by alcohol consumption, eating red or processed meat and having gallstone or gall bladder surgery.

The charity also lists a history of cancer and people with the blood group A, AB and B as potentially creating a higher risk but adds more evidence is required.

Pancreatic cancer can be treated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Some forms of the disease may only require one form of treatment whereas others might need two or even all three types to help beat it.


Billboard Music Awards 2019: Madonna Talks Preparing for BBMAs Performance With Maluma and New Album ‘Madame X’

Madonna talked with Billboard’s Keith Caulfield behind the stage at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday (May 1), chatting about getting ready for her performance with Maluma, the way toward making her new album Madame X, and from where she drew the motivation for its title..

To get ready for their BBMAs performance of their collaborative song “Medellin,” Madonna disclosed to Billboard that she began practicing numerous months prior to nail down the innovation, the green screen personas, and the actual performance with Maluma.

She likewise opened up about how she united with Maluma in the first place, clarifying that “Medellin” was one of the first songs she had composed when she previously begun her new record, yet she set it aside for later when she started working with different musicians in Lisbon.

“I thought I need to sing with a man on this song cause it’s a song about desire and longing,” she said of listening to it when she returned to the song. “I liked the tone of his voice, so I asked him to be on it with me.”

“I had no idea how many songs I was gonna end up with,” she said of narrowing down the tracks on the album. “The record was born in Lisbon…originally, I’d worked with a lot of Portuguese musicians, and sang several songs in Portuguese, and then it kind of expanded to different countries, to Brazil, to Colombia, and then interspersed working with Mirwais, the French producer, so the song kind of, it’s really a global album.”

Whenever inquired as to whether the record is a concept album, seeing as she takes on various personas, for example, equestrian rider and teacher, she downplayed it..

Madonna additionally uncovered how she settled on the title, Madame X, clarifying that it was a name given to her when she was 19 years of age and first moved to New York City.

“A woman who I looked up to and admired [Martha Graham] gave me that name because she said she couldn’t recognize all my different personas because I kept changing the way I looked,” Madonna recounted. “That was in the beginning of my career when I didn’t think about who I should be or what I should be. I was experimenting. And so I felt like I had come full circle and gave the record that name, cause I’m in the same frame of mind.”


Two new instances of measles reported in East TN, now totaling 3

Two extra instances of measles were affirmed by the Tennessee Department of Health State Public Health Laboratory Monday. This brings the complete number of measles cases in Tennessee in 2019 to three. The two new cases are related with the primary measles case in Tennessee this year which was reported April 18, and were were identified as part of the ongoing investigation.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines an ‘flare-up’ as at least 3 cases.
“We expected to have more measles cases linked to the first one, and these new cases occurred in people we had identified and were monitoring as contacts of the first patient,” said Tennessee Immunization Program Medical Director Michelle Fiscus, MD, FAAP. “The good news is there are no additional contacts of these new cases that have not already been identified.”

TDH is giving data about measles and how to prevent it online. This page incorporates the quantity of measles cases in the express this year, which will be refreshed every day by 3 p.m. Central time if additional cases are confirmed.

Measles manifestations may incorporate fever, runny nose, body throbs, watery eyes and white spots in the mouth. A few days after these indications begin, a red, spotty rash normally starts on the face and spreads over the body. Symptoms may develop any time in the 21 days following exposure to the illness.

The state health department urges residents to check to ensure they are up-to date on MMR vaccine, which is extremely effective in preventing infection. The measles virus is highly contagious and can stay airborne or live on surfaces for up to two hours. People recently infected with measles may not have any symptoms of illness, but can transmit the virus for about five days before the typical measles rash appears, according to state health officials.

Any individual who trusts they or a friend or family member has measles side effects should remain at home and contact a health care provider to make arrangements to visit a health care facility before going to a health care center to prevent further exposure of others to the illness.


John Singleton, ‘Boyz N The Hood’ Director, Dies at 51

Less than fourteen days after John Singleton suffered a massive stroke, the trailblazing movie producer has died on in Los Angeles at the age of 51. The director, who made history with 1991’s Boyz n the Hood as the most youthful individual and first African American ever nominated for a best chief Oscar, died Monday at Cedars-Sinai Hospital after his family took him off life support.

“This was an agonizing decision, one that our family made, over a number of days, with the careful counsel of John’s doctors,” the family said in a statement released to NPR, adding that he “passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family and friends.”

“John Singleton is a prolific, ground-breaking director,” they said, “who changed the game and opened doors in Hollywood, a world that was just a few miles away, yet worlds away, from the neighborhood in which he grew up.”

Singleton squandered brief time leaving his blemish on the film industry. At only 23 years of age, fresh out of the University of Southern California’s film school, the youthful movie producer propelled into the undertaking that would turn into his signature achievement: Boyz n the Hood.

The film was a tribute to the area where he grew up, South Central LA, a zone famous for its unavoidable destitution and group savagery. The film’s stars ponder that environment onscreen, attempting to understand the network pressures that catalyzed the mobs that ejected in LA the following year.

Among those characters is Doughboy, played by rapper Ice Cube. Doughboy’s relative is gunned down — a destiny that Singleton himself dreaded while growing up, as he told NPR around the time the film was released.

Yet, Singleton, the child of a pharmaceutical deals rep and a mortgage broker, likewise clarified that he most likely imparted more in like common with Tre Styles — played by a young Cuba Gooding Jr. Like the character, his mother sent him to live with his father to keep him out of trouble.

“My father, you know, just did what he could do to set me straight, and you know, because it’s only so far you can go, you know, with your mom. Moms just like will rationalize what she [asks] — but Pops will say, ‘No, you do this because I said do this,’ you know?” he said in 1991. “And a lot of my friends didn’t have that.”

What they had rather, Singleton included, was a model rooted in the hopelessness of life in the ‘hood.

“It’s like: ‘My brother went to jail. My daddy went to jail. I know I’m going to go to jail.’ You know what I’m saying? That’s the mentality,” he said. “It’s like it’s a given. It’s like there’s no future.”

The movie earned him Oscar gestures for director and screenplay. Singleton was the primary African American to be nominated for directing, and at just 24, he was the youngest nominee in that category’s history — a record that stands today.

In 2002, over 10 years after the film’s release, Singleton thought about the earnestness of his venture — and how that contrasted from a portion of the imitators conceived of its success.

“If you see the films I make and if they are in an urban setting, I basically have an agenda to not only entertain, but for you to feel something and to say something. Because this is where I’m from, you know what I mean?” he explained. “I’m making you feel something for this environment. I’m not exploiting it.”

His seminal first film was far from his last.

Among different movies, Singleton proceeded to direct 1993’s Poetic Justice, featuring Janet Jackson and a 22-year-old Tupac Shakur, and the 2000 blockbuster remake of Shaft. More recently, he shifted his attention to the small screen, directing episodes of Empire and The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. He also co-created Snowfall, an FX drama about the crack cocaine epidemic that returned Singleton to his roots in South Central LA.

All through, he kept on provoking the film business to recount to the sorts of stories — and see the kinds of faces — he never had the chance to see when he was a film student. And he didn’t forget to enjoy himself while he was at it.

“I’ve been in this business for over 26 years, and I haven’t lost my soul.” Singleton told the Television Academy Foundation in 2016. “There are a whole lot of people who are very, very successful that they don’t even know which way is up anymore, right? And I feel really cool that I’ve had my highs and my lows and stuff — and I’m happy, you know what I mean?”


NBA 2019: Warriors tops Rockets in wild completion, Celtics shuts down Giannis and Bucks

Defending NBA champion the Golden State Warriors conquered the Houston Rockets in its Western Conference semifinal opener, while the Boston Celtics upstaged the Milwaukee Bucks.

Kevin Durant proceeded with his strong NBA playoff structure on Sunday, scoring 35 points to lead the Warriors to a 104-100 triumph against the Rockets in Game 1.

The 10-time All-Star, who arrived at the midpoint of 35 points for every game in the Warriors’ first-round series win against the Los Angeles Clippers, hit 11-of-25 shots against Houston.

On multi day when Stephen Curry (18 points) fought foul inconvenience and Klay Thompson had a calm 13, Golden State required all Durant could offer. However the game was not chosen until the last seconds.

With the Rockets trailing by three points with 10 seconds remaining, James Harden propelled an errant three-point endeavor. Chris Paul got the bounce back, however had the ball stripped away. Eric Gordon recuperated the ball outside the ball out of bounds.

In any case, Paul, contending with an official that he had been fouled on the play, was required a technical. Curry hit the free toss for the final margin.

In Sunday’s first amusement, the Celtics shut down Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks for a 112-90 triumph in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference elimination round.

The Celtics frustrated Antetokounmpo, constraining him to seven-of-21 shooting, as Boston attracted first blood Milwaukee.

Nothing came simple for Antetokounmpo, who scored 22 however had a game-low minus-24.

In all out attack mode end, the Bucks had no response for Kyrie Irving, who scored 26 points and included 11 helps. Horford posted 20 and Jaylen Brown pitched in 19.

Gordon, Green impress

Rockets guard Gordon scored 27 on 10-of-19 shooting for the Rockets.

Draymond Green missed just two of nine shots, scored 14 and had nine bounce back and helps.

Harden inefficient

Solidify scored 35, however hit just nine-of-27 shots from the field, and four-of-16 three-pointers.

Bucks monitor Pat Connaughton made just two-of-10 shots and one of his seven three-point endeavors.

Horford denies Giannis… twice!

You don’t see Antetokounmpo get dismissed all the time — not to mention twice on a similar play by Horford.

76ers at Raptors

The Toronto Raptors won Game 1 rather effectively, yet review that the Philadelphia 76ers had an unsatisfying performance in its Eastern Conference first-round series opener against the Brooklyn Nets. Kawhi Leonard scored a career playoff-high 45 points on Saturday, and the 76ers certainly can do a better job than that on the defensive end.


London marathon 2019: Seaweed pouches will replace thousands of wasteful plastic bottles at the marathon

If you’ve ever been in a marathon or seen one, you may be comfortable with how all through points amid the marathon, srunners will be handed bottles of water to drink and rehydrate themselves. Unfortunately, these bottles are a huge environmental waste since they take hundreds of years before they actually break down.

This is the reason in the up and coming London Marathon that is occurring this Sunday, the coordinators will turn the utilization of seaweed pods. These are units, known as Ooho, that contain an energy drink and all runners need to do is pop the pods in their mouth, bite down on it, and the drink will be released. The pod itself, since it is made out of seaweed, is completely edible.

For the individuals who may be stressed over the brininess of the ocean growth, the company that makes them, Skipping Rocks Lab, says that they have removed the taste from it. The pods themselves are also biodegradable within six weeks if they are not consumed. According to Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, “The marathon is a milestone … we are hoping we will demonstrate that it can be used at scale in the future.”

The organizers are at last trusting that these seaweed pods will help decrease the quantity of plastic utilized amid the run, which they gauge could be around 200,000 bottles. Skipping Rocks Lab are also looking to apply their tech to other products to make them more environmentally-friendly, such as cling film and the plastic lining used in disposable coffee cups.


2019 Bears NFL Draft: Evaluating the Chicago Bears’ Positions of Need

After likely sitting out the initial two rounds of the NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears will at long last get their first chance at a pick when the third round gets in progress on Friday night.

The Bears, who traded their initial two draft picks in the swap that landed Khalil Mack in the Windy City, possess the 87th overall pick in the selection show. The team is one of only a handful few in the NFL that doesn’t have a glaring shortcoming on its roster, however there are still regions that they can shore up as they hope to harden their situation as a Super Bowl contender.

Considering that, here are five positions that the team will probably hope to address in the coming days at the NFL Draft in Nashville.

Running Back

This is the recognize that everybody is discussing after the trade of Jordan Howard prior this offseason. The Bears will probably be searching for a back that can give a difference in pace from what Mike Davis and Tarik Cohen offer, and a third-round pick at the position would almost certainly give a moment move up to an offense that Matt Nagy is as yet attempting to re-shape in his second season with the organization.


The Bears as of now have an All-Pro at safety as Eddie Jackson, yet after the flight of Adrian Amos and the marking of Ha Clinton-Dix, the Bears could possibly hope to support their profundity at the position. Players like Mike Bell out of Fresno State or Nasir Adderley out of Delaware could be accessible if the Bears endeavor to strike right off the bat in the draft, or they could go with more developmental pieces such as Chase Hansen out of Utah or Khari Willis out of Michigan State instead.


The Bears have a lot of money tied up at their cornerback position with Kyle Fuller, Prince Amukamara, and Buster Skrine, so they could unquestionably hope to get a less expensive alternative in the draft. Joejuan Williams out of Vanderbilt has gotten some genuine buzz as a result of his size and capacity to safeguard huge recipients, and Northwestern product Montre Hartage could also potentially be on the radar for the Bears.

Edge Rusher

The Bears have a lot of capable pass rushers, yet it wouldn’t damage to keep reinforcing their profundity, particularly thinking about that Leonard Floyd is going into a contract year with the team. Players like Tim Ward out of Old Dominion and Anree Saint-Amour out of Georgia Tech could be great choices late in the draft.


The Bears have some solid options on their offensive line, but they could go for some additional depth up the middle in this year’s draft. Ross Pierschbacher out of Alabama is a player that comes to mind, and Malcolm Pridgeon out of Ohio State has popped up on some draft boards as well with the Bears owning a pair of seventh round picks.


OPPO: F11 Pro Marvel’s Avengers limited edition smartphone arrives in PHL – pre-order now!

In partnership with Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame,” OPPO authoritatively announces the Philippine launch of the fresh out of the box new OPPO F11 Pro Marvel’s Avengers Limited Edition — without a moment to spare for the film’s release. With this limited edition smartphone, OPPO will connect Avenger fans around the world.

With its stand-out design, this cell phone takes the theme further with the new space blue slope shading and complex hexagonal pattern that changes color depending on the angle the light hits, from steel blue in the middle to midnight blue on both sides.

In the center, the bold, red Avengers “A” slams into the blue foundation to frame the exemplary red-blue color-blocking and also echoes the red switch button on the side.

This marvelously decreased and the total logo above the cameras complete the aesthetic echo, full of advanced sensibilities that emphasize the Avengers logo.

Turning over the cell phone, there is a stunning all encompassing screen that illuminates to uncover the well-designed wallpaper — an eminent Avengers logo sparkling dynamically out of sight.

Powerful and iconic

The same number of youthful fans admire the strength, charm, and power of the Avengers, OPPO intends to saturate its unwavering fans with the ethics of their favorite heroes. The OPPO F11 Pro Marvel’s Avengers Limited Edition arrives base in premium dark, a fastidiously designed and exquisitely crafted package.

The black thermo-printed Avengers logo is exceptionally striking and creates ensembles with endless heroic power.

Each crate accompanies a stepped collector’s badge on the Collection Certificate, a magnificent present for collectors and enthusiasts.

The smartphone comes uncommonly furnished with a Captain America-themed case that gives additional security and sturdiness against bumps, scratches and incidental falls.

The inside found finger ring, additionally motivated by Captain America’s notable shield, is both beautiful and functional, liberating your hands when you’re viewing a video and anticipating a slip or drop when you’re holding it.

The OPPO F11 Pro Marvel’s Avengers Limited Edition is as similarly incredible as the Earth’s mightiest superheroes.

Chief America’s iconic features are the primary motivations for the design. What’s more, as Iron Man can fly in high-tech armor, this smartphone also has a high-end rising camera.

While Thor is the God of Thunder, the new OPPO’s VOOC flash charge 3.0 brings lightning-like charging speed. Mass has an amazing form, and this cell phone has an enormous stockpiling, up to 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM.

The elite agent Black Widow is very agile and skillful, likewise, the smartphone runs very smoothly owing to Hyper Boost.

At long last, where Hawkeye is gifted in bows and arrows, and the OPPO F11 Pro Marvel’s Avengers Limited Edition captures every detail with its 48MP dual rear cameras and take crisp, accurate and clear pictures.

The phenomenal appearance and function of the limited edition Avengers smartphone make it the perfect companion for Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” fans.

Take home the Avengers’ indomitable spirit of heroism when you preorder the OPPO F11 Pro Marvel’s Avengers Limited Edition at selected OPPO concept stores beginning April 26.