KRebels, Combining Entirely Genius Technology in Saving Mother Nature. See how

One of the most pressing concerns of our age that we can never seem to get away from is the rapid rate at which the environment is degrading. One just needs to turn on the T.V and images of rapid depletion of resources come at you in waves. Additionally, various groups worldwide are at the forefront to try and reduce before we lose our ecosystem in a few decades.

Now, imagine using superior technology in meeting this cause and at the same time mitigating the effects of the carbon footprint on the environment? KRebels, an avant-garde NFT project has cleverly struck this balance. In a bid to save koalas from imminent extinction, an in-house software genius contrived a plan that created 9,999 anthropomorphic koalas based on NFT blue print collectibles. The appropriate blockchain used in this case is Ethereum-ERC721. This team member was inspired by what they saw happening to Koalas in the Australian ecosystem as they lost their homes to wild forest fires.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are a current frenzy that has taken the cryptocurrency world by storm. These unique and non-interchangeable digital assets stored in form of blockchain can be in form of photos, audios, videos, are artistically designed to fit user specifications and tastes. Although anyone can view them, the buyer alone remains to be the unique, official owner. This is secured by blockchain technology.

They’re a current blazing trend among netizens with each wanting a stake of the over $2.5 billion market. It’s no wonder that KRebels have plunged into this most exciting sector of technology and the community is currently growing in leaps and bounds.

The cherry on top of this awesome idea is the rarity of koalas in NFT. The flexibility and space for advancement of the project following their roadmap allow for the community to decide for the future. After minting their NFTs, the next goal is to make them available on OpenSea It is no wonder that users are compelled to utilize the KRebels platform owing to its cutting-edge technology and conservatory efforts.

In addition to that, the project is fostered by a very honorable cause, to preserve the rare koala species from extinction. Interested parties can participate in this project worldwide as it is not restricted to specific geographical locations regardless of age, gender, income, or education level. Members can easily mint from the KRebels website or create profiles on the OpenSea market and thus harvest the benefits of being early members and legendary holders of these digital assets. Holders of these NFTs will be able to earn monthly rewards too.

Also, it is important to note that a percentage of the proceeds obtained from the project will be donated to organizations that help to prevent the extinction of the furry, little critters. It is also key to note that the first idea and goal of the KRebels project above all others is to help prevent the extinction of the koala bears.

Conclusively, koala bears are wonderful creatures that are part and parcel of our natural ecosystem. Current statistics indicate that if something is not done, we shall not see these fluffy, friendly creatures anymore come 2050, which is only a few decades away. From what we’ve seen, it’s indeed noble to champion efforts to conserve their environment to ensure their longevity. No one does this better than KRebels. You’re welcome to join their Discord server and be a part of this noble cause by following