Our Artist Of The Week: Arod

This week, we’re introducing an absolute gem to your playlists. The 28-year-old from Austin (TX) is a rap prodigy and channels the hopes and dreams of a generation.

It’s all nice to vibe with music, to just have something to play in the background. But the real special moments with music we have when we pay attention. When music talks to us, when everything just seems to fit together perfectly and we are taken into a world that we can
somehow identify with.

Arod’s words take you by the hand and lead you through his reality. The young man tells you about a fair share of his childhood full of hardships; born and raised in Austin by his single grandma, the artist got in touch with the streets very early.

His debut album “Lend Me Your Ear’ is his story.
And he doesn’t shy away from sharing it. How he always believed in the positive outcome, how rap became everything to him when his dad rapped to him on his homecomings from jail. How he always knew knowledge will take him further than expectations and how he graduated high school and made it to college despite all challenges.

Arod sounds like rap should in 2020, with heavy trap drums and 808s gliding over excellently picked soul samples and piano licks, setting the stage for his distinctive crispy voice.

This album is more than just a few loops and hi-hats for just another trapper. We’re listening to the result of hard work and a lot of talent. Music. And there is a generation of young kids in America that are going to put their headphones on and say: this is me.

With his first LP being of such high quality, we’re absolutely thrilled to see what’s next for Arod.

Our artist of the week.