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Yasin Seiwasser veteran and best German mixed martial arts fighter who owns his unique brand ‘Seiwasser-Art of Life’.

We all want to live a healthy, happy life and also fresh from hectic work schedules. To transform your life to a healthier side, you have to practice a few things which can keep you full of energy all the time.

After Pandemic, we all went through a tough time, and still, things are not so good. In all this, we came across one such high-performing German mixed martial arts fighter named Yasin Seiwasser, who is reaching great influence as a mental and life coach with his brand Seiwasser-Art of Life. Yasin Seiwasser can change fortunes and transform lives with his proven 7-levels program which strengthens body and mind.

With more than three decades of experience, Yasin Seiwasser had started training at the tender age of eight where kids used to play with toys but he fell in love with this field, and the rest is history.

Today, after three decades of rich experience with powerful practices, Yasin Seiwasser has become a strong force to be considered, showing his superiority in different Martial Arts Styles.

Mind-Body Techniques Meditation – Mental Training – Breathing by his own without any trainer and team. He is also an MMA Champion and holds the record of fastest knockout. Yes, his one-step and opponent was knocked out in just three seconds.

From the year 2004-2007, Yasin Seiwasser remained the official Nato – Self Defense instructor and achieved the title of European MMA Championship. He has given Training to special forces and marines in the US and Brazil too.

Yasin Seiwasser gave his service as the bodyguard for Royal Family of Saudi Arabia and has remained the coach for Olympia and professional athletes for years for many champions and world champions.

Being certified in Psychology, he is a sought-after mental and life coach who has proved his 7-levels program and now creating a profound impact on people’s lives for the better.

His 7-levels program includes:

Teaching Morning workouts.
Powerful self-awareness.
Nutrition for body and soul.
The secret five finger elements.
Waking up the inner energy.
Everyday life exercises.

Today after years of experience in this field, he is becoming a renowned influencer and speaker who is changing lives with his words.

In Seiwasser Art of Life, he trains people.

Kriya Yoga
Peaceful Warrior
Mental Training
Chi Kung, Physical Training,
Martial Arts and various other self-discovered new effective techniques.

Yasin Seiwasser has also been teaching all across the world as a leader and coach. To find out more about him and his teachings, follow him on Instagram @yasin_seiwasser.






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