New names filed for the Suzuki Escudo and Torqnado – will they be used for the 7-seater Maruti G Vitara?

The best-selling automaker in India, Maruti Suzuki, is about to increase the range of vehicles it sells in the country. The new models will appeal to a broad range of consumers in various automotive categories and genres. Two new names that may appear on these autos have now been trademarked by the firm.

Trademarks of Escudo & Torqnado:

We can identify at least eight of the incoming Maruti Suzuki vehicles with a cursory scan. First, the fourth generation Dzire and Swift are on the way. Additionally, the company is planning to release the eVX electric small SUV, which will be its first BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle).

These are the future Maruti Suzuki cars that have been often observed in testing. There are further five more rumored or speculated Maruti Suzuki vehicles that are scheduled for release in the future. Among these might be a smaller SUV to compete with the Tata Punch and Hyundai Exter, as well as a seven-seat Grand Vitara SUV.

Other cars are a Suzuki Spacia-based MPV, an electric MPV based on the eVX platform, and a tiny electric hatchback based on the eWX concept. Maruti Suzuki has just trademarked the names Torqnado and Escudo. These names could appear on any of the above cars that are coming from the Maruti Suzuki stable.

Suzuki Motor Corporation registered for both of these trademarks earlier this year. Both of these trademarks are listed as Advertised and Accepted. These trademarks could not even go into production—they could merely be standard procedures used to protect a business’s intellectual property in India.

Is Grand Vitara Escudo has seven seats?

However, there is a higher probability that the Escudo will reach production. particularly on the Grand Vitara’s seven-seater model. We say this because the Grand Vitara SUV offered in Japan is referred to as Escudo. The Grand Vitara available for purchase is not the same as the JDM model. It is built differently.

We are discussing the global Grand Vitara, which was marketed as the Grand Vitara in India from 2009 to 2015. It is a third generation model. Currently in its fourth generation, this car is known as the Escudo in Japan. Maruti Suzuki’s future 7-seater Grand Vitara may go by the Escudo name.

However, the Torqnado brand is entirely new and unrecognizable in any of the 4W markets Suzuki presently serves. However, Suzuki Motor Corporation produces automobiles outside of India as well. The company also produces scooters and motorcycles. In addition, Suzuki Motor Corporation is the owner of the trademarks for Suzuki 2W automobiles.

Considering the near resemblance to the Suzuki Tornado scooter bike sold in international markets, the Torqnado name suggests that it may be a 2W vehicle. The decision to use a brand name is entirely up to Maruti Suzuki, despite rumors to the contrary.