Narendra Modi models a tight hold on power as Donald Trump visits India

The stadium thundered his name as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to the platform to present a man who “needs no introduction.”

“His name is familiar to every person on the planet,” Modi said. “His every word is followed by tens of millions. He was a household name, and very popular even before he went on to occupy the highest office in this great country.”

It was a remarkable warmup act, and remaining alongside him that day last September in Houston, US President Donald Trump was pleased. Trump has constantly loved performing for huge groups – he has scarcely taken a break from battling since 2016 – and nobody can pack a venue very like Modi, who Trump later contrasted with Elvis.

The US President will get another look at Modi’s star power this week when he arrives in India for a reciprocal visit. Modi, Trump stated, has guaranteed “we’ll have 7 million people between the airport and the event” to greet them.

“It’s going to be very exciting,” Trump added. Though Ahmedabad, where the “Namaste Trump” rally is being held Monday, just has an expected populace of 5.6 million – Modi will probably discover considerably more to dazzle Trump with during his India visit.

Notwithstanding developing frictions between Washington and New Delhi on trade, Modi presents a dream of what an effective Trumpism could resemble. The Indian leader has prevailed with regards to revitalizing not just his party and base around him, yet a greater part of the nation, and now faces minimal successful opposition, despite sporadic fights and outrage from dissidents over supposed human rights mishandles and unlawful activities.

Paradoxically, Trump is returning off the of a denunciation preliminary – though one in which he, at last, stayed in office – and confronting a wounding general election later this year.