Musical artist Popoffke gives a new meaning to being an influencer:

In today’s world, everyone wants to be someone- they want to be famous in whatever field they have chosen for themselves. However, if everybody is equally famous, wouldn’t we all be the first place at the award shows? It is only inherent that there will be people who will be considered the legends in the work they do, while others are mediocre. Yet, we all know that success is not really a proper measure, it is just how you compare against another in an outsider’s eye. This is the most wrong perspective that anybody could possibly have and people who pursue only fame are almost always sure to fail at one point or the other.

On the other hand, some individuals understand this concept very well and may even have first-hand experience with such a misconception. Popoffke, an upcoming rapper and composer from California is one such person who realises that it is not you who runs after success. Instead, if you are truly doing good work, you will be the one chased by success, that is, it is inevitable to be considered successful and rise to the spotlight if one keeps on putting in consistent effort in whatever they do.

Popoffke believes in practising what he preaches- although he started out young and quite inexperienced, by following his own observations, he has already achieved more than what many people can even dream of, and that too at such an early stage in his life.

Popoffke has had many struggles in his life and has overcome several mental and financial problems to reach where he is right now. However, this did not deter him from his original goal of being someone popular for all the right reasons. Popoffke is an artist with the difference- his art is in not only creating music but it is actually his ability to create a better tomorrow, whether that be through his songs or his personality in itself.

As an artist, Popoffke wants to be someone who stands out, someone who can influence others and leave a mark instead of being just another entity in this sea of nameless people. Popoffke considers his compositions to be an extension of himself. The beats he uses come straight from his mind and his lyrics are well thought out without excessive explicitness. It could be said that his songs are actually a representation of what he wants to portray himself as to the world. Popffke uses his music to touch the heart of his listeners. It is his way to reach out to the world and share his experiences with those who wish to listen. He hopes that by listening to his songs people can perceive the blanket of empathy and warmth that he wants to express.

His latest song “Chasing Dreams” is an excellent example of all that we have talked about. To see the official music video on Popoffke’s YouTube channel