Mohd J Asfour: A shining example of an entrepreneur from rags to riches

They say the faster you start putting efforts towards something, the faster the money you make from it. No matter how simple this sounds, it is not. It is never easy for people to start a career very early in life. A few can only deal with the struggles & the hurdles that come with it & rare are those who even overcome those difficulties in life to prove their mettle in their respective industries.

One such shining example who started from zero but today is one of the youngest heroes in business becoming the “Youngest Jordanian Millionaire” is Mohd Asfour. Having a passion for cars, Asfour in a very short period of time could manage to make his bank balance thicker by gaining $1 Million. Founding & launching his dream, “LR Miami” he proved his craziness & love for cars that helped him get transformed from an engineer into a success story & a millionaire.

A Jordanian American, Asfour completed his engineering in Electrical Power and energy from Princess Sumayah University for Technology (PSUT), Amman, Jordan & graduated in 2018. He even went to the US for completing his MBA in 2019. Starting his career as an electrical engineer at Fawaz Al Hokair real estate company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Asfour then moved to Dammam for a building project “Al-Nakheel Mall” with the same organisation.

While this young mind was still getting a degree in MBA, he started a pet service on Instagram called “Woof Woof Services”. And, then it was time to make his biggest dream to transform into a reality, he founded his company named LR Miami in December 2019, which is a company that deals with lavish & exotic car rentals. A garage that started off with only one car has now expanded itself as a large company with 21 luxurious cars. Asfour says that his company even went viral when he started advertising for Bangenergy & Kenzu streetwear.

For any entrepreneur to become successful, first he/she has to start a journey being a beginner & be ready to face the hurdles that life throws at them. The same has been done by Asfour who never stopped at any bumps in his life journey & kept moving slowly & gradually to reach where he is today. Getting a hold of the current trends in technology & using the right strategies in life & business, Asfour carves a clear path for himself that allows him to transform any business into a successful venture.

We need to learn from people like Asfour coming from humble backgrounds, to make every day productive by learning new things at every step in life & to know how to implement those learnings to alter & transform a business into a fruitful one. It is already said that LR Miami will have an estimated net worth of $2.4 Million by the end of this year.