Meet Mike Hermann (aka RM Plug): Watch Connoisseur and Millionaire Entrepreneur

Mike Hermann, aka “RM Plug,” is a visionary, watch enthusiast, and a businessman that specializes in selling luxury brand watches. His entrepreneurial career started in marketing and luxury fashion, before landing him in his passion – watches. Realizing that watches can be even more profitable than real estate, Hermann has devoted the last few years to becoming a leader in the industry.

Always having a taste for business, Hermann started a marketing company and made great money rather quickly. “I did good work and made some money, but one day I realized how much money my work was making for my clients.” After realizing that his work made him thousands and his clients millions, Hermann determined to use his marketing skills to build his own brand. This determination birthed his first luxury brand Leather Clothing Factory. A custom clothing brand that served celebrities such as J Balvin, Fabolous and NBA stars like Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Danny Green, and more. This proved to be highly instrumental in Hermann’s development as an entrepreneur. He learned how to build connections, leverage social media, and think like a millionaire. “In college, there was a show to be the university king. Everything from battling for verses, poetry, dancing, ballet and I thought to myself I could do this. I told my buddy that I was gonna win next year and I did. I think building LCF really solidified that winning mentality for me.”

Three years ago, Hermann started his luxury watch business designed to supply a high earning clientele with designer watches, selling timepieces with a price between $20,000 to $400,000 dollars or more. One of the reasons for his success is his ability to find deals and acquire specific watches for his clients. “I can walk into a store, see a watch I want and walk out paying less than anyone.” His ability to locate and secure watches has earned him the reputation as the “go-to man” – especially for the highly luxurious brand Richard Mille, hence the nickname “RM Plug”.

His latest goal is to bring more attention to the work he does and the industry as a whole. “The industry is very secretive and I want to change that. I want others to have access to this opportunity.” Not one to waste time, Hermann has already designed a course to share the steps to building income selling watches and plans to launch the course this summer. He also plans on writing a book sharing his story and insider tips about how he transformed his life from average to sensational. Lastly, he wanted his followers to know, “If you believe in something, don’t let anybody put dust on your dreams.” Against the odds, he built his dream through hard work and dedication and wants to inspire others to do the same. 

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